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And there it is... Lady Killer!

Firstly, I would like to refer back to the reality that this story was so impossibly dark that I am uncertain as to what truely came over me when I wrote this, but lets just all remember that this is fiction and that's the best part about writing!

But moving on, let's fast-forward to the real and so tremendously, heartwarming fact that the only reason I would have ever possibly published another story, is because I honestly feel so supported, in ways unlike no other, on this site!

I just want to thank literally every single person who read this, or reads my other work, because there is no other feeling which can beat working on something and then putting it out for other people who love the same things as I do – to read it.

Btw – This was only intended to be a short story, that's why the storyline isn't as long or drawn out as my other work is!

Love you all, see you either next time I decide to write something in a ridiculous amount of time, or in my next updates for fanfics I already have out <3

– Jo

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