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It's hard getting Maya stubborn to talk to me when she's mad, She always pushed me away.

"Maya, come on baby"

"August, no, no" she said waving her hand in my face

"Maya, I didn't fucks around with that bitch, she's lying man"

"August, just leave me the hell alone" she said

"So you just gone get mad and assume shit? I told you, I didn't sleep with lat bitch" I said

"August, I don't know who to fucking believe."

"Believe me. Maya, baby you know I would lie to you and you know damn well I wouldn't cheat on you."

"Why would this chick say this than? "

"Because she's trying to break us up baby, I swea on my life I never cheated, belee me" I said touching my heart and looking at her

"I just don't know " she said crying and sitting on the bed

"Maya, I never cheated on you and I will never cheat on you. Because my ring, you and my family and the kids mean everything to me. I'm not about to loose."

"You promise me that this hoe is lying." She said looking at me

"I promise " I said with all seriousness.


On some real shit, I needa find out who this hoe is and why the hell she saying I'm sleeping with her when I know damn well I ain't fuckin nobody but my WIFE. Lying ass bitches.

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