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We lay in bed side by side not touching, or saying a word to each other. "God that was fucking great." Jack says finally breaking the silence, and slightly chuckles. We both get up, he gets dressed, and I walk to the bathroom to clean up. When I come back out Jack is still sitting there smiling.

"What are you smiling at?" I say, and smile back.

"Nothing. That was just fucking great." He says, and continues to smile.



The rest of this night was no different than the other nights. We partied, I got fucked up, me, and Jack fucked, and he was gone when I woke up. The only difference about this night was Nate acted weird. He didn't really talk to me. Which I can't say I didn't expect, I just wish it didn't have to be like that. But if that's what he needs to do more power to him. It's probably the better way to handle this situation, being friends will only complicate things. Also Josh never told me what he 'needed' to tell me about. At this point I'm not really worried about anything other than what I need to do. And what I need to do is not worry about shit. I feel like I go on about how much I don't give a fuck, then I turn around and give a fuck. So that's my new goal. I'm going to do what the fuck I want, and go on about my business.

Anyway, the next day everyone left one by one. The last person to leave was Jack, and he stopped in to talk to me before he left.

"Hey I'm leaving."

"Alright? Peace."

"Well I was wondering something."


"Can I call you?" He asks.

"Can you call me?"

"Yeah. Can I call you? Ya know those nights when I need that certain something you have.. Can I call you?"

"Ooh. Oh yeah. Shit, please call me." I say, and we laugh.

"Good shit." He says while walking toward the door. "See ya!"

Well that was different. I don't know how to feel about this. I'm excited definitely. It's just different.

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