Chapter 17: Dangerous

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"If I had a gun, I would shoot her. YOU BETTER GET A WHOLE DAMN ARMY MARIAH, THAT STILL WONT HELP YOU BECAUSE IM GONE SHOOT THEM ALL ONE BY ONE BITCH! GET THIS SHIT IN SELF- CONTROL, GET IN CONTROL, GET IN CONTROL, YOU GONE CALL ME A BITCH? MARIAH, I WILL FUCKING LAY YOU OUT BITCH.Don't lose your head. Don't tell me I'm a gangster! So every time you patronize me, I'm-a take it back, and if you've got a f---ing problem, handle it!" said pissed the hell off awhile Randy tried to call me down

"YOU AINT GONE DO SHIT? Y'all saying this feud was In two days? It took longer, Bitch"

"OH REALLY? "I told them, I'm not f---ing putting up with her f---ing highness over there. I'm not gonna sit here every f---ing minute to have you come down and harass me every minute every day"
I asked trying to go over to her but my security guard and August held me back

(A/N Nicki went in on Mariah that episode)

She grabbed all her security and left, August looked at me but I was so pissed, I looove the other judges but Mariah? I'm not doing another show if she's here and to think we was cool, I did a ducking song with this Bitch but she over stepped me telling me these kids can't sing when honestly half of them singer better than her fake ass, And when ever I try and encourage any one that comes on that stage? She oversteps me

"MAYA!" August yelled grabbing my arm

I looked at him

"Yo, what you mad at me for?"

"You shoulda let me in on that bitch." I said getting into my black escalade I ride in when I come here

"Babe.. You okay? And i pulled you away because I know what you're capable of."

"Just get me out of here before I do something that's gone catch me a case" I said to the driver

He drove off and August pulled me towards him, He always supports me when I'm doing American Idol, He knows how I feel towards Mariah, nick Cannon ass can sit down cause him and Mariah marriage is faker than a two dollar bill that's why they always divorcing

(A/N ain't got none against Mariah, Just didn't like how her and nick treated Nicki )

"Hey, Cheer up baby. I love you." he said entwining our hands

"She makes me so sick, I swea it takes everything in me not to choke her til her tongue hangs out, I'm tired of being mistreated and made a full out of of women and men" I said

"Look, you got me and you got the kids at home. Don't worry about Mariah."

"I love Mariah but the way she turned out on this show, I saw the real Mariah, That's why I still say what I say, Trust Nobody. Tupac was right"

"Yes he was baby, Gimme kiss though and turn that froan upside down"

I kissed him but I still wasn't over it, when I'm mad trust it's gone be a minute, "Then the BITCH had an audacity to challenge me like I wasn't gone do shit?"

"She just fronted for the cameras."

"Bet she gone get her some security guards whose loaded and with bullet proof vest she better watch her steps." I said

*drivers stops *

"WTF?" I yelled

"Unexpected Red Light, sorry."

"It's okay, just warn me next time sweetheart" I said as calm as possible


I got hot so I took my hat off and jacket and laid on August

"Wake me up when we home, why don't you?"



"Hours ago after rapper/singer Maya Amour threatened to kill singer Mariah Carey, Mariah now scrolls around with security on every directions. What made Maya so ticked off? Watch and find out" I heard on my tv

"Your mom threatened to kill Mariah?"

"I don't know, but knowing Mama? I could believe that"

"You should call your mom and make sure she alright?"

"I tried she ain't answering, I'm about to call August"

*Calls August*

Phone Convo with August

August: Helluh?

Me: Uncle Aug, is momma okay?

August: Yeah, she's sleeping right now

Me: What happened?

August: Mariah ticked her off and *leaves room, closed door* Maya went off.

Me: Mariah been mad with mama because she claims mama stole the show, stole her spotlight

August: Well, She asked for the threats when she called Maya a bitch

Me: Exactly, but now she's calling mama unpredictable and that she had hired extra security guards, Bitch scared

August: *laughs* 😂😂😂

Mommy- What you laughing at?

August: Mariah got extra security.

Mommy- 😂😂😂😂

Me: I'm gone let y'all go, Love y'all

August- love you too and congrats babygirl

Me: Thanks

I hung up

"Baby?" I asked running my fingers I'm ernesto hair

"Yeah baby?"

"Ion think we should get married right now, Ion think we ready. My moms right, I mean I seen everything she went through and I just wanna wait for a minute"

"Okay, but keep that ring though no matter what you still my wife and I'm still yours got that?" He said slipping on this ring and looking at me

I smiled and nodded


"Babe, your laugh is sexy as fuck. Come cher!" I said pulling Maya to me

"Thanks handsome" she said smiling

"You're welcome, You feeling okay?"

"A little, she just needs know I'm dangerous."

"Yes you are." I said pecking his lips and kissing her cheek

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