Expect the Unexpected

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So yeah before i get started writing i want to say that a good song to listen too while reading this chapter is one less lonely girl by Justin Beiber. So yeah onward with the story.

Niall's pov

"Summer Malik there is only one thing I want to ask you and that is will you do me the honors and be my princess?" I asked

"Niall I would love too." She said hugging me after.

Welp que one less lonely girl by Justin Beiber.

"We should proably head back the others are proably worried."I said

"Yeah" Summer replied

So I stood and grabbed her hand as we began the walk back home.

10 minitues later

"So when should we tell them" Summer asked as a car was coming our way.

"We can-" I began but quickly noticed that the car was about to hit us if I didnt do something.

Right at the time we were tackled to the ground and the car crashed in to a street light. I looked over to see Josh an old high school friend.

"What the" I said " Way to make it seem like i cant protect my girl"
"Sorry man but I just saved your life" Josh said

"And we are very grateful you did but we must be going" Summer said before I could do anything.

"Okay" Josh said walking away.

Back at home

Hannah's pov

I was so worried. They had been gone for so long. Right now Harry, Zayn, and Liam were sitting on the couch. Rebekah looked deep in thought sitting in the chair. Louis and I was sitting on the love chair cudddling while Louis whispered things like "They will be ok love" and "calm down".

"But what if something terrible happened to them" I asked. Before anyone could say anything, the door opened and there stood Summer and Niall grinning and holding hands.

"Great news guys were official" Niall exclaimed.

Everyone jumped up to give them hugs and congratulate them except me. Dont get me wrong I was happy for them. I was just sorta mad that they didnt call. I was worried sick.

"Han are you okay?" Louis asked as everyone turned to face me

"Im fine" I said before running upstairs and face planting on my bed.

Louis' pov

"I'll go check on her" I said before anyone could say anything. I ran upstairs and there she was laying on her bed.

"Hannah......" I said

"Louis......"She mocked

"Whats wrong?" I asked

"Why didnt they call" She asked sitting up to look at me.

Sighing I sat down on the edge of her bed. "I dont know but everyone's going to sleep I think you should too"

"Okay" She replied "Night Louis"

"Night Hannah" I siad before heading to bed myself.

Next day

Hannah's pov

I woke up and took a shower. Then I put on some denim shorts and a superman shirt with braces. ( for those of you who dont know braces in british mean suspenders so if i say braces i mean suspenders) I put my hair up in a bun then walked downstairs. Everyone was sitting at the table eating breakfast.

"Hey Hannah and Louis are twins" Niall said before laughing. Sure enough Louis was wearing a superman shirt and braces.

"So..."I trailed off

"What are we doing today" Louis finished

"Well there is a fair downtown that the boys and i are going to" Liam said

"Well the girls and I are going shopping" Summer said

"Since when" I asked

"We are stopping at Starbucks first" Bekah said

"Fine" I said

At Starbucks

Summer's pov

Honestly the boys, bekah , and I wanted to get Louis and Hannah out of the house so we could find out what was going on with them.

"So Hannah you and Louis" I started

"Yeah whats up" Bekah asked

"Well we have another date tomorrow but other than that nothing much" Hannah said

"Yeah sure whatever" Summer said

Back at home

We had decided to go sight seeing instead of shopping but then we got tired and come back home where we decided to watch a movie.

"Sso Hannah why dont you just tell Louis how you feel tomorrow then you guys can be a couple" I sugessted.

Hannah's pov

Did she seriously just say that?

"What is wrong with you?" I asked " you cant just go up to a guy you like and tell him you like him. What if he dosnt like you back?"

"Woah calm down" Bekah said

"Well ya know what i was just trying to be a nice friend and give you some ideas on how to tell Louis you like him because you have since you moved here and you need to tell him already." Summer screamed

"Well maybe life just dosnt go that way. Maybe i dont want to be embarrsed in front of all my friends and brother. If i do tell Louis i like him and he dont like me back" I screamed back at her

"Wait you like me" I heard a voice say. I reconized that voice anywhere that was Louis.

So yeah some drama just went down. The boys just walked in on Hannah and Summer's arguement. Anyways what do you think will happen? Will Louis tell Hannah that he likes her too? What will happen between Hannah and Summer? Yeah so follow me on twitter @tomogirl4ever follow Summer on twitter @luvsinging1. Read any of Summer's stories on her wattpad page smill6 is her name and you can go under her works to find her books. So yeah untill next time.

To all the people who you just cant stand:

Twinkle twinkle little star. I wanna hit you with my car. Throw you off a bridge so high. Hope you break your neck and die. Twinkle twinkle little star i hate you so very much

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