Ivy and Louis

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heey im going to get everybody a turn so this is Ivy now xxx

Ivy's POV

I am in love a little too much but I can't help it, Louis is the most funniest person I've ever known! He talks about the most random things. He always looks at me as if i'm his best friend and I need him to kiss me or else I will die! We were sitting on a park bench while we were waiting for Lana and Harry to come back. I think I already know what they are doing. As I was thinking Lois put his hand on top of mine and I started to gigle, he started to giggle to but he was thinking of something else and I wonder what! He said to me "Ivy, I want to sing for you." I felt so happy that I said okay. He started your song to me and gazed into my eyes. And he made sure that I heard the line "Yours are the sweetist eyes, I've ever seen." A small tear ran down my cheek because He had a beautiful voice and he was making me feel loved. He saw the tear and and gently rubbed it of. He put his hand around me and pulled me into his chest. He put his other hand through my hair and leaned in to me. His lips touched mine and we started going hard. We went into touges fairly quickly and that felt really nice.

We pulled away again and he laughed at my face because I was in a world of my own. I woke up again and he was grinning at me because we were now together. We started to joke again and that was definately the best moment of my life. Harry and Lana arrieved back so we got up and I had a chat with Lana.

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