Chapter 8

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"Ow! Hey! Be gentle, that hurts!" Buddar snapped.

"Sorry!" Link apologized. "I'll try not to make it sting as much."

Buddar was sitting at the small table in the corner of the room, she was sitting in the chair backwards so that Link could tend to her burn. But every time he pressed the damp cloth to her burn, it stung like crazy. "Buddar, just grit your teeth and toughen up!" Lyra said. "If you don't let him clean it, it could get worse!"

Buddar sighed. "Fine." She grumbled.

Link slowly and softly pressed the damp cloth to her burn. She winced in pain, but didn't say anything. He gently began to rub the cloth over her burn. It stung quite a bit, but then the cool water eased the pain. She sighed in relief, making Link smile slightly. "Feel better?" He asked.

She nodded. "Yeah," She said. "Thanks."

Link stood up. "Tomorrow, I can take you to the potions shop to get that fully healed." He said, handing her a plain white t shirt. "Until then, we should probably get some sleep, and I mean actually sleep. No running off, I don't want you to get hurt again."

Link turned away so she could change. "Trust me," Buddar said as she slipped off her charred tunic and slipped on the t shirt. "I won't be running off for a long time after that. You can look now"

Link chuckled and turned around. "Good," She said as he lay down on the bottom bunk. "If you behave, I may even teach you how to defend yourself if we ever get into a situation like that again."

"We?" Buddar asked as she climbed to the top bunk. "You mean you won't just lock me up in here every day?"

"Of course not!" He said. "You would probably hate that, besides, there's not much to do in here anyway. You'd probably prefer being out in the field, fighting monsters and getting filthy."

Buddar leaned over the side of the bunk and looked at him upside down, which also caused her cap to fall off. "Are you stalking me or something?" She asked. "How do you know that much about me already?"

Link smirked at her. "Because you're not like most women I've met," He said, grabbing her cap. "You prefer a tunic over a fancy dress, and you try to act tough even when you're badly injured. I can tell that just by looking at you."

He handed the yellow cap to Buddar. "You're good." She said, taking her cap and hanging it on the bedpost once again. Lyra slipped into it and mumbled a 'Goodnight'.

Buddar lay back down on her stomach, so her burn wouldn't sting. She closed her eyes, and drifted off to sleep, completely unaware of the two blood red eyes watching her from the window.


"Dang it!" The dark figure at the window hissed under their breath. "I told that Poe specifically to capture her, not blast her face off with its lantern!"

They glanced back at Buddar's sleeping figure, she looked so peaceful. The figure stared at her for a few moments longer, then turned and disappeared into the forest. "The master will have her soon enough, all we need to do is be patient." They muttered. "After all, good things always come to those who wait."

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