the shadows of sinners

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When one apple goes bad, when it's rotting from the inside out, it releases carbon dioxide

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When one apple goes bad, when it's rotting from the inside out, it releases carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide then catalyzes a process in the fruit around it to start going bad. And the worst part about that chemical reaction? You never know it's happening until it's too late (actually, that's quite incorrect, most chemical reactions have in-depth mechanisms where chemists know exactly what's occurring in them, keyword: most). It was a series of events that once set off could only lead in one direction — to the end. Which, in any case, is where everything on the planet was headed. Human beings weren't an exception to that rule, they were living until they died and after that, what did they have? It depends on what you believe, some would say simply out. And they wouldn't be wrong, what actually happened after death no one could say. Some would like to believe there was an afterlife, where they could meet the people they loved over their lifetime. Others wanted another chance with life itself, no matter the form it would take place in. That was the key itself — do you love living or does death seem like the peace you deserve after years of hardships because you lived.

People can rot from the inside out — their souls turn into a gooey black mess of evil and despair. Over time those people turn others' souls into the same thing. That's what happened with Gotham City, people began to rot and evil overtook everything. The death of the Wayne's was enough to push that forward, they were two of the most prominent people the city had. Two of the wealthiest. Maybe, in turn, that was what turned Gotham City into the breeding ground for evil. Money. People would go to the ends of the earth to protect their money, to get more of it. Money was a driving factor for everything in the world — everything that a person needed to survive was based on the amount of money you have to give. Money is everything.

At least, that's what Harlow Finley thought. She grew up rich, money was all she knew. There was nothing about her that knew what true hardship felt like. Her life was one of riches, that was until the Wayne's were murdered. Part of her life flashed in front of her eyes — she watched her best friend grieve and seclude himself, and she saw everything she had with her parents falling apart. Harlow Finley soon finds Gotham City to be that out of despair plenty of others saw it to be, it became her biggest goal to pack up and get the hell out of town before anything could happen to her. Even if it meant pissing off her parents. Even if it meant leaving behind her childhood best friend (who she definitely hadn't fallen in love with). Gotham City was the exact opposite of what Harlow Finley wanted to be.

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