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( Calum POV )

Aqua: sorry about tonight

Me: I mean I shouldn't care right?

Aqua: I mean you should y'all dated for 2 years

Me: but I cheated with you

Aqua: I mean idk

Me: It low key hurts thought

Aqua: I love you

Me: you don't even mean it so it don't count

Aqua: you don't know that

Me: you're dating Branson I think I know that

Aqua: "think"

Me: "know"

Aqua: why don't you date Leah

Me: she's not you

Aqua: you can pretend

Me: that's wrong

Aqua: so is cheating but you still did it

Me: I'm sorry for calling you those things

Aqua: it's okay I'm over it

Me: low key I'm horny /.\

Aqua: www.pornhub.com

Me: haha

Aqua: I'm serious I'm not sexting you

Me: but that's what this is about

Aqua: smh imma block you

Me: ok ill watch the stupid porn

Aqua: see was that so hard

Me: like my dick

Aqua: brb Branson calling me.

( Aqua POV )

"Hey babe." I said into the phone.

"Hey I have something to tell you. And you're really going to hate me."


"Well you know when you left me stranded horny at my party, Morgan came into the room and me and her had sex for 2 hours straight." He said in almost a whisper.

"YOU DID WHAT! Please tell me that this is a lie." I said.

A small tear escaped my eye and landed in my lap. Marie was in the room with me doing her homework.

"Listen Aqua when you called her out tonight I felt bad and I was scared. Just please don't tell Calum. He's the only real friend I have." he said.

I had nothing to say I hung up my phone and didn't know what to do. I now know what it feels like to give somebody your all and for them to spit and ruin everything.

"What happened?" Marie asked trying to comfort me.

"I don't want to talk about it." I said trying not to cry anymore than I already were.

Me: Morgan you are the most recycled slut I know why the fuck would you have sex with Branson when you have fucking Calum

Mono Como: listen here bitch lets talk about how you were having sex with Calum before you even dated him

Mono Como: so who's really in the wrong

Mono Como: yeah now you're quiet but that's okay

Me: look here Calum asked me and I said yes. I didn't know that he was dating the hoe of Hampton High if I did honestly I wouldn't never fucked with him and again you must not be fucking him right if he had to ask me so shut the fuck up

Text with Calum

Me: hey can you come over

Me: I need something to get my mind of things

Calem: sure what happened

Me: I'll tell you later.

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