Harrys Alive??

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I walk back into Harry's room after a troubled nights sleep and I hear the heart monitor beep then start beeping again as Harry starts purring so I say "Liam, Niall!!" And they rush in and say "What?" And I say "Look." And they do and Niall says "He's alive?!" And I say "Apparently!!" And then Harry opens his eyes to reveal green cat eyes so I say "Liam what's up with his eyes?" And he says "He must of let his inner animal fully take control." And I step towards him only to have Liam and Niall pull me back then my instincts kick in when I see Niall walk over to Harry making me let out a loud yet low growl making Liam and Niall look at me and Liam tries to touch me making me hiss and bite him really hard and I then release Liam only to pounce on Niall then bite his neck trying to find a fatal blow and then Niall shifts so he's on top of me then he slaps me making me come back to reality and I say "What just happened?" And Liam says "You went into protection mode but what caused it?" And I look at Niall and hiss and then Liam says "I think it was when Niall walked over to Harry." And I say "Yeah." And then I see Zayn walk in with a needle so I say "Niall look out!!" And I jump in front of Niall just as Zayn brings down the needle.

Which then enters my arm and then injects the liquid inside into my arm making my arms shorten as light brown fur appears on them and I watch as my fingers shorten and fuse together then fur also appears on them then on my chest and stomach and then face and then my eyes turn to blue cat eyes and my ears change to cat like ones and my nose shrinks into a cat like one as fur appears on my face and my teeth change into small cat like fangs then Liam moves my shirt so I pop out and look at him with big blue eyes and he says "Louis!?" And I say Meow and Niall says "Zayn what the hell did you do?!" And Zayn walks up to me and holds his hand out so I smell him and purr and nudge my head against his hand inviting him to pet me which he does and then he says "Seems like Louis apparently likes me isn't that right." And I nod and mewl quietly then lick him and then Niall says "Liam what's happening?" And I look up and see Niall also turning into a cat then I look at Zayn and see him turning into a wolf then I walk over to the bed and jump onto it and curl up into Harry's side and fall asleep with him petting me.

Then ten minutes later I wake up to see three cats and a wolf pup looking at me then Anne walks in and sees us and then sees Harry and says "Oh Harry what happened?!" And Harry looks at her and meows then jumps off the bed and runs to her and she picks him up and says "Harry please say something." And Harry just meows and licks her nose then Jay walks in and says "Anne where's Louis?" And she points to me and Jay looks at me and I look at her and walk towards her unaware of the end of the bed which I then fall off of and land on my arm hard making it break with a loud snap making Harry squirm out of Anne's grip and run up to me along with Liam and Niall and Zayn and Harry nudges me with his nose making me mewl in pain before standing and falling and Anne tries to approach but is stopped by Liam and Niall and Zayn and Harry who all growl at her making her back up and I mewl in pain again getting they're attention and Harry motions for Anne to take Zayn to find a doctor which she does.

Then six minutes later Anne returns holding Zayn with a doctor behind them and the doctor tries to approach me but Liam and Niall stand in his way and they look back at Harry who nods and they step aside and the doctor carefully picks me up and gently pokes my arm making me growl and the doctor says "It's broken I'll have to put a cast on him in order for it to heal properly." And Anne says "How long will he have it on for?" And the doctor says "A month maybe two at the most do you know what color cast he'd like?" And Anne says "A British flag one." And the doctor says "Ok you guys wanna watch?" And everyone nods and follows us out of the room so I look back and meow causing the doctor to stop and say "Let me guess you want Harry don't you?" And I nod and he walks over to Harry and picks him up and he licks me causing me to purr as he purrs as well then we reach the injuries ward where we walk in and to a bed which he sets me down on roughly causing me to weakly mewl in pain before I pass out then roll forwards so I fall off the bed.


I look at Louis to see him roll forwards off the bed then start falling so I run up to him before jumping and catching him in my mouth the setting him down on the floor gently then whimpering while nudging him so I put a ear to his chest only to hear nothing making me walk over to Harry pick him up then walk him over to Louis who I set down carefully then walk up to Louis and whimper again as Harry runs up to us then he proceeds to check Louis' heart beat and then he looks at me with tear filled eyes before he runs to me and letting the tears flow and then as the doctor tries to take Louis he hisses while I growl showing my fangs and then I lunge at him and bite his hand only to have him inject me with something causing me to yelp in pain and fall to the ground suddenly unable to move.

Then I watch helplessly as the doctor picks up Harry and feeds him something making him grow into a wild cougar hybrid then the doctor puts a leash on him and leads him out of the room so I whine getting Liam's attention who runs over to me and then proceeds to help me stand only to fall again then we all change back so I say "Liam why can't I move?" And Liam says "I think the doctor temporarily paralyzed you." And I say "Damn well could you go check Lou?" And Liam says "Sure." And he walks over to the cat and checks him and then says "He's not dead he just passed out from the pain." And I say "Good now someone fix me now please!!" And Liam says "Alright Niall do you have a diagnosis?" And Niall says "Yes it'll wear off in about 1 minute." So I say "Well that's just great."



I open my eyes to see Liam and Niall standing over Zayn who's on the ground so I meow and stand and run up to them meowing loudly before changing back then yelling "VAS HAPPENIN!!" Making them both jump a foot in the air while squealing like little girls so I say "Hey vas happenin?" And Zayn says "Hey guys why did the mushroom go to the party?" And I say "Why?" And Zayn says "Because he was a fungi!!" And I say "Um guys I think our personalities switched!!" And Niall says "Ok guys we need to figure out who has who's personality and then figure out a way to switch back." And I say "Well it's easy to figure out who's personality you have it's obviously Liam's." and he says "Lou put a sock in it."

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