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"We need to talk." Nate says, before sitting on the bed.

"About what?"

"What do you mean about what? About what is happening between us. I don't want things to be weird."

"Nate, the only way things are going to be weird is if you make them weird. I'm fine. I have accepted the fact that things aren't going to work out. I accepted it a long time ago, I lost myself last night, but I found me again. As I already said I'm not doing that to myself again."

"So you're just okay with this?" He says obviously getting mad.


"You're not going to fight for me? You're just going to let me go."

"Fight for you? Nate are you fucking drunk?! We've been here before remember? I've done this with you already Nate. I chased you, and practically begged you to reconsider. You told me the next day that you couldn't do it to Josh. And I understand that. I respect that. But you can't expect me to fucking beg you to love me, and be with me.. It's time for us to move on. I'm not going to fall deeper for you so you can leave me, and tell me it won't work."

I feel like I'm going to explode. The tears in my eyes are threatening to spill, and I'm trying so hard to stop that from happening. I want to scream. I keep my gaze on him, waiting for him to say something, but instead he gets up, and walks out with out saying a word. I lose myself for only a minute as tears spill from my eyes like waterfalls. This is the only time I'm giving myself. It's time to move on.

I wipe my tears, and get myself together before texting Sabrina, and asking her to send Jack up here. I told her I needed to tell him something so she didn't suspect anything. I shouldn't be doing this though. I'm letting him become something that I rely on to take my pain away. I'm going to end up turning him into an addiction. But as of right now my heart hurts, my literal chest hurts, and I couldn't give a fuck less about anything else.

As soon as I hear the door click open I run up to Jack and practically throw myself at him. I jump up into his arms, and he holds me up by the under neath of my thighs. He shuts, and locks the door behind him, and carries me over to the bed. He lays me down then crawls on top of me, and continues kissing me.

"Your brother's up."

"I don't even give a fuck." I say.

"Well I do." He chuckles. "He's going to fucking kill me."

"I need you to fuck me." I say. "So I need you to make it work."

Without another word he continues kissing me all over. He takes his shirt off, then lifts me up, and helps me remove mine. I lay back down, then he dips his head back into my neck, and licks, sucks, and nibbles on my sensitive skin. Of course though, like always, Josh has to interrupt by knocking on the door.

"Jane it's me. Open up."

"Josh I'm busy." I say.

"Just let me come in."

"Josh now is not a good fucking time! I'll talk to you later!" I shout, and Jack doesn't stop.

"Jane we need to talk about something. You're going to want to hear what I have to say." I lay there listening to Josh yell through the door trying to convince me to let him in while Jack slides his hand in my panties, and begins playing with my sensitive area.

"Josh please go the fuck away!" I say trying so hard to keep my voice stable.


"Jo-SH." I shout when Jack slides two fingers inside me, and begins pumping in, and out. I lift my legs up in the air as he continues to finger me fast. I begin arching my back when I feel myself begin to unfold. My vision goes blurry, and suddenly its hard to keep my eyes open.

"Shit!" I spit. "Make me cum, oh fuck."

"I'll make you cum." He spits back. "You just wait till I fuck you. The neighbors are going to know my name."

Within a minute later I'm cumming all over his fingers, and once again he licks them clean. "You taste so fucking good." He says before kissing me.

Once I catch my breath I jump up, and push Jack onto the bed then straddle him. I lean down, and kiss him, and while we're kissing I start grinding my pussy on his dick.

"I'm so wet." I say "I can't wait to feel you inside me." I tell him before crawling off of him, and removing his pants, and boxers. "You're already getting hard." I say, and take his dick into my hand. I flash him a quick grin before spitting on his dick, and stroking him. I lean down, and bring the tip of his dick to my lips, I slowly stick my tongue out and lick only the tip. I move down to the base of his dick, and lick him up, and down before taking him into my mouth.

"Fuck." He breaths. I get on the floor on my knees, and position myself in between his legs. When I take him into my mouth deeper than I had before he takes in a sharp breath.

"Damn that feels good." He moans, and puts his hands behind his head. His hips are bucking, as profanities spill from him lips. "I'm gonna cum." He says, and right then I stop, and stand up.

"What the fuck are you doing?" He says, but I don't say a word. I remove my panties, and crawl back on top of him, and begin kissing him.

"I'm soaking wet." I tell him.

I lift up a little, and grab his dick from under me. I stick it in my slit, and slide it up, and down before taking every inch if him into my pussy.

"Uhhhh." I breath out, at the same time he moans. I take in a deep breath, and lift my self up before crashing back down on him. I do this repeatedly, and gradually pick up speed. With every stroke Jack let's out another profanity.

"Fuck you're so good." He moans. "I love when you fuck me." He grunts.

As I'm bouncing fast up, and down Jack grabs my hips, and holds me still while he pounds in, and out of me fast and hard. Before I know it I'm throwing my head back, and losing my balance. My legs start to wobble, and Jack throws me off of him, and lays me next to the spot where he was laying. He jumps in between my legs, and fucks me as fast as he possibly can, and soon I can hold on no longer. I start moaning uncontrollably, and practically screaming his name. He quickly covers my mouth with his hand and finishes me off. A few more sloppy thrusts, and he's coming to his end. I can't feel the beads of sweat rolling off of him and landing on me. Right before he finishes he pulls out, and cums all over my stomach, then falls down on to the bed beside me.

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