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( Aqua POV )

Babeson: we are going on a double date tonight

Me: with who

Babeson: with Calum and Morgan

Me: hold that thought

Text with Joey and Leah

Me: tell me why Branson takeing me on a double date

Joey: and that's bad because

Me: it's with Morgan and Calum

Leah: hahah have fun with the perra

Joey: Lmfao

Leah: I don't think I told you to laugh

Joey: but I laughed anyway so live with it

Leah: don't you have dick to suck

Joey: oh yeah that reminds me your ex was today

Joey: bye

Me: any who

Me: I hate Morgan and I hate Calum

Leah: why

Me: long story

Leah: is it because he likes you and you date Branson

Me: wait how do you know that

Leah: he told me

Me: wanna do me a favor

Leah: erm sure

Me: get Morgan and Calum to break up then you date him

Me: Morgan is having sex with someone else

Leah: how do you know this

Me: Joey knows the guy that she's fucking

Leah: damn

"Aqua you're boyfriend is here!" Marie yelled from downstairs.

Yeah that's right my boyfriend mono como. I know I'm clingy but I barely know Marie and she's not about to take my boyfriend.

( Calum POV )

Me and Morgan pulled up to Olive Garden.

"Are you ready?" I asked.

"Yeah I hope his girlfriend isn't ugly."

She isn't she's so freaking beautiful

Me and Morgan got out the car and went inside.

"Table for 4 please." Morgan said to Aqua.

"I don't work here dumbass. I'm here with my boyfriend." Aqua said.

"I doubt he even exist." Morgan bitched.

"He does." Branson spoke up.

"Don't tell you date this piece of trash." Morgan said rolling her eyes.

"We have a table ready." the waiter said.

Everyone stopped talking and follow the waiter to our table. The waiter gave Morgan and flirtatious wink, she responded with a flirtatious smile. I don't really have time for her bullshit to even argue.

"Well lets get to know each other." Branson said.

"I don't want to know anything about the bitch that you brought in." Morgan said.

"Listen here Morgan I'm tired of your bullshit. Lets learn about the new guy you're fucking." Aqua said.

"YOU'RE DOING WHAT!" I yelled.

"She is lying." Morgan said.

I saw that Branson face looked a little nervous. He must know the guy she's fucking. He's not really good with keeping secrets.

"Well lets ask Ashton Greene." Aqua said pulling out her phone.

"You know what I don't have time for this. Calum take me home." Morgan said getting up from the table.

"Nah you're good. You need the exercise." Calum said.

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