List of Warnings

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HI. before you read there might be certain things that you need to know of What might be here.

Do not comment on the list if you are against it.

-Mentions of rape.

-maybe rape. (I dunno)

-sexual scenes. (I dunno how much)

-maybe kiny sex. (IDK)


-Eleanor is a friend. Not a foe. (I love her she's so lovely. I ship Elounor but believe and ship Larry.)

-Harrison (my Fiance.) Will definitally get onto my account and make an author note or two. So if you want to know about me... ask him.

-demon/angel shit.

-mentions of hell.

-no 5sos. I hate them. I like their fanfictions but I do not like 5sos at all.

-mentions of cancer In my A/N (I have luekemia. Stage three.)

-mentions of my sexuality. (I'm gay.)



-no comments of corrections.

-do not ask stiupid questions. Ex: 'Why does Harry do this if Louis does this.'
If you are confused. Deal with it.

-if you have ideas TELL ME I want to know!

-if you see anyone copy something from my book tell me.

-have fuuuuuun

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