Chapter 7

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Buddar snuck through the forest, trying not to trip over the rocks and tree roots. Lyra slipped out of her yellow cap and lit the way with her light blue glow, allowing Buddar to see where she was going. "Thanks." She whispered to the fairy.

"No problem." Lyra chirped. "So, what's the plan?"

"The plan," Buddar said as she climbed over a fallen log. "Is to find a new town to stay in, and possibly find people who will accept us."

"And if they don't?" Lyra asked.

Buddar smiled deviously. "The Night Trickster will strike again." She said. Lyra giggled.

A twig snapped somewhere behind Buddar. She glanced over her shoulder, her eyes scanned the trees, but there was nothing there. "Stupid Skulltulas." Buddar grumbled as she and Lyra continued their trek through the forest.

Suddenly, something blasted into Buddar from behind and threw her to the ground. A searing pain shot up her back. Lyra shrieked in horror, a ghost-like monster twirled its lantern around and shot another ball of fire at her. Buddar ducked out of the way, the fire made contact with a tree and it burst into flames. "Run!" Buddar shouted to Lyra. "I'll distract it!"

Lyra hesitated. "GO! NOW!" Buddar screamed. Lyra did what she was told and zipped off, leaving Buddar with the monster.

The creature twirled its lantern again and another fireball shot out, Buddar kept dodging the monster's attacks. Then she tripped on a tree root, she lost her balance and went crashing to the forest floor. The monster twirled its lantern, and a blaze of fire shot out. Buddar squeezed her eyes shut and braced herself for her fiery death.

A second went by.

Then another.

Then three.

Buddar dared to open one eye, a figure in green stood over her, their shield was raised to protect her against the fire. "Link?!" Buddar squeaked in shock.

Link lowered his shield and charged at the monster, he stabbed it with his sword, and it disintegrated. Link turned and ran over to Buddar. "Are you alright?" He asked, a concerned look on his face. "Are you hurt at all?"

Buddar stood up. "I'm fine." She said, turning to walk back into the forest.

Link grabbed her wrist. "No you're not," He said. "Take a look at your back!"

Buddar glanced over her shoulder, the small part of her lower back that she could actually see was bright red and shiny, and her tunic was burnt. Link lightly ran his fingertips over the burn, making Buddar yelp in pain. Link quickly drew his hand back. "It's really bad," He said. "We'll have to wait until tomorrow to heal it, the potion shop won't be open until a couple of hours after sunrise."

Buddar glanced towards the forest, should she run? "Don't even think about it." Lyra said. "We don't want to run into any more monsters."

Buddar sighed in defeat. "Fine." She grumbled, turning to Link. "I'll come with you...."

Link smiled at her and held out his hand, offering to help her around, but Buddar ignored him. A slightly offended look flashed in his eyes, but it quickly faded. Lyra feebly shoved Buddar's lower back, which still caused it to sting. "Hey!" Buddar hissed, wincing. "What was that for?"

"He just saved your life!" Lyra said. "I know you don't like him, but you could at least be slightly grateful!"

Buddar glanced at Link, who was a few feet ahead of her. He has been kind to me, kinder than anybody else ever has been. She thought. Plus, I'll be stuck with him for awhile, until I can escape in the daytime. I might as well cut him some slack.

She quickened her pace until she was walking alongside him. "Thanks for saving me back there." She mumbled.

He glanced at her, a slight smile crept onto his lips. "You're welcome." He said.

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