Day 01

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Different TV stations were trying to get licensed right, to show the viewers The Hunt, on their own individual channels, to improve their ratings.
Different research was being made to get to know which contestant would be picked, so they could delve and dig out their background.
Various channel on different platforms such as; The Insider, TMT, The Spectre etc. were already filled with viewers who were anticipating how voting would be.

The contestants name was being leaked in different part of the country, numerous gambling sites were opening and various stakes were placed on the contestants who had the highest chance on winning, based on them being popular, on different other shows, or them having made names for themselves in their fields, or them being new blood to the world of reality TV.

The location in which they would be dropped was also leaked and its name made people shiver. It was called The Wild. It was one of the most beautiful but dangerous wild forest. Human society influenced this land of nature in the most positive and negative way. Positive being that most of the land were left untouched and the inhabitants were left to flourish however they wanted, negative aspect ( to some of the researchers who wanted a piece of the pie) made different theories about how if left unchecked things could go out of control, and they needed to start researching about it so they could have more data about it.

The wild was divided into three zones, zone 1, 2 and 3. Zone 1 being the safest and zone 3 being the most dangerous. Of course the contestants would not be sent to their deaths, so they would have been trained in different areas, based on the various species of plants and animals they would encounter, both herbivores, carnivores and omnivores alike, to increase their chances of survival.
Cameras would be installed at various point in the wild and there would be different outpost put in place at different sections which would contain water and only water. They were to source for food by themselves.

The contestant who was said to have the highest chance of survival was Eric Almerie because he was most known for pushing himself to the limit, going into different forest to raise his survival instinct. The contestant voted most likely to die was Aly Rani and that was because she was a fresh out of school graduate with no prior experience of surviving in any known forest.

It was time for the show to begin, it started at exactly 8'o clock at night, it ushered the contestants in. The contestants being voted top 5 were all popular survivalist enthusiast. The two contestant who many had their eyes on were Aly and Eric. The contestant were being interviewed as many wanted to what made them sign up for a show has daring as this, though most knew it was for the cash prize which was 50 mil ( hmm too  much or too little).

Many comments were being posted on individual channels and some of the comments being shown were:
I'm a newbie: can anyone please tell me who the top five and bottom five are.

MyloveforEric: oh, you are a newbie, come let me show you and welcome you into our world.

Justhereforthrills: @im a newbie, the top five are Eric Almerie, Rai Fu, Faye Patra, Paul Taylor and Faith Trinh. The bottom five are Aly Rani, Dorothy Villin, Tom Rellish, Shepherd Fernsby and Indra Miracle.
The bottom five were categorized under there because either they were not well known or nobody knew them at all.

Various other channels were also on the verge of collapsing because of the rave caused by the contestant. Each contestant were to have a tracker implanted in them so they could be monitored. After the host had interviewed each contestant, they were brought into the house in which they would stay only for that night before the hunt began

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