Lindsey Point of view
I woke up much earlier than I wanted to, I groaned and rolled off of my bed. Now laying on the comfortable floor. I slowly sat up and grabbed my phone. I saw a text message already, surprising me.
"Hey Beautiful ;)" is what the text said, I saw it was from Cole and felt a blush spread on my face. He's making me blush before school! I got up and grabbed my clothes, heading towards the bathroom. When I looked in the mirror my cheeks were still tinted pink, making me smile.
•• after she has gotten to school••

I saw Cole talking to his friends and I walked over, telling them to not mention me walking behind Cole. I slowly walked up behind Cole, Planing on scaring him. His friends all had a smile on there faces and were stifling laughter.
I whispered in his ear. " You better run before I stab you in the heart!" Cole screamed and ran away, while all of us laughed our butts off. He soon came back looking terrified!
'Again you look terrified' I signed to him while still laughing.
He gave me the middle finger but he was laughing in his eyes. His pretty green eyes. GOD DANGIT NO I CANT THINK LIKE THAT!!
"Come on we have to go to class!" Winter said while we all groaned
"But class is borrrrrrrriiiiiinnnnnnggg" Adam dragged.
"I don't care, come on before I have to drag you!" She yelled, making us all sweatdrop.
"Yes mama!" We all said but I signed.
'She's so scary!!' I signed to Cole.
"Yes yes she is" He told me while sitting in his seat. I sat next to him and took out my notebook to draw. I don't know how but I managed to Draw Cole... How is that possible?!
Cole's Point of View
I watched Lindsey draw someone, She was a really good artist. Before class was finish, she had finish drawing and when she took a look at it she got a blush on her face. I looked at the drawing and I blushed as well, she had drawn me with I noticing. I looked at her and saw her face just as red as mine. I smiled and but my arm around her shoulder, giving her a side squeeze. She is really beautiful Girl.

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