Updating Options.

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Guys; I need your votes.

Option A: 

I finish my stories one by one,in this order:

1. The Girls Of Legend

2. One Direction Give Me A Happy Ending

3. Tell Me A Lie

4. An Unfamiliar Face

5. Five Red Roses

6. Out Of The Picture

7. The Unseen Queen


Option B:

I start on an updating schedule. All of you would have a chance to vote on which stories I update and when *voting would be like every 2-3 weeks* 


Option C: 

I would update one chapter of a story every day for a week. I would use something like random.org to decide which. [

How to vote:

To vote for option A; pm me 

For Option B; comment on this.

For option C; send 'option c' or such to my message board.

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