Chapter Three

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Army's fingers brushed his cheek as the heat began to fade. Aloha's sing-song voice fulfilled his ears, sinking into his memories.

"Looking lovely as always Forge," Aloha said flirtatiously before giving her a whistle.

Forge. Army's head perked up as her name rang through his head.

"Hello Captain, how was the match?" Forge asked as she approached the railing.

"It was a good one. I got more information on Cyan Team's Sub Weapon Hell."

Forge nodded, her gaze dropping to Army's hands. The manual balanced on his middle finger; taking his thumb and pinkie, he clapped it close. Her head turned to the warehouse as he tucked it into his parka.

"Who won?"

"Blue Team."

Forge pursed her lips out to the side, "I wonder if they'll beat Skull."

"Yeah." Army teethed on his bottom lips as he flexed his fingers. He swept in a breath, tensing his shoulders. Gripping the railing he spoke, "Forge, I need to talk to you."

"Is there something wrong, Captain?"

Puffing out his chest as he inhaled he said, "I have feelings for someone."

Forge teetered on her toes. Ink rushing to the tip of her cheeks as a smile smeared across her lips.

"I love..."

"Captain, I love you-"


She dropped back onto her heels, her eyes widening. Her lips formed a small "O" before her expression dropped.

Army released his breath. He cocked his head to look at her, "I'm sorry, did I interrupt you?"

"Oh! No, you didn't. I was just saying that I'm glad you can come to me about your feelings."

"Thank you, Forge. You're a great friend. I didn't know who else to go to."

"Yeah." She muttered under her breath, "Great friend."

Her posture slumped. Tears crept onto her bottom eyelid, one by one they began to fill her vision. A long breath seeped through her lips as she gripped her hands.

"Something about him, it's a hard emotion to explain."

"Trust me, I understand Captain," she said, allowing one tear to roll down her cheek.

"It feels like a huge weight was just lifted off my chest."

A small, "Mhm," came from Forge as her lips quivered.

"Aloha invited us to a party, I was wondering if our team wanted to go. I thought maybe it would give me a chance to get to know him more."

Her voice cracked, "I'll go ask White Sailor if she wants to."

"I'm going to catch up with Mask in the meantime. Let me know if you all decide to go."

Silence lingered between the two before they departed.

Clenching her phone in her fist, Forge jogged down the cement steps. With every step, more tears began to flood her darkened face. She pulled her top lip into her bite till it gradually flung out. Once her boots smacked the last step, the dam holding her tears shattered.


The next following chapters will interact more with the plot. Thank you so much for all the reads, despite only having two chapters published so far. These first three chapters were to give you an idea of the characters and their feelings. This helps better understand them. Chapter four will start the plotline of this fan fiction going. Thanks for reading and see you in the next chapter! 

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