Now that the rest of us had seen what Ms Avia and her wooden puppet were capable of, the Elementals knew not to underestimate the older Mary Poppins lookalike. Sophia stepped forward and cracked her neck signalling that she’d be the next one to face the statue. Just as she did with Cameron Ms Avia bowed her head and set herself in defensive position. The statue followed her movements perfectly it looked as though it was alive. “Go!”

Sophia’s body vibrated and she shot up and widened until she had transformed into a Siberian tiger. Her coat was a beautiful sunburnt orange that faded off to white and was patterned with black stripes that covered her furry body. A deep grumbling growl reverberated up her throat and she bent down ready to pounce.

With a feline shriek she ran forward and pounced with her razor sharp claws poking out from her heavy paws and sheer determination was imprinted in her eyes. Ms Avia ducked and whirled her hands around catching Sophia in the gut and throwing her off to the side. As all cats do, she landed on her feet and immediately began to shake. Where a tiger once stood, now a hard-skinned rhino grunted in its place.

“Remarkable” I heard Ms Avia murmur.

Sophia charged. Her heavy footsteps pounding into the ground making the vibrations shake my legs and practically everything else in the room. She lowered her head and her horn pointed dangerously at the centre of the statue. She rammed towards the statue but Ms Avia had clenched her hands in front of her.

The statue copied her movements and caught Sophia by the horn. This didn’t deflect Sophia however, instead she began to push. Using her strong legs she slowly marched forward and the base of the statue creaked, but didn’t break. Sophia snorted and took another step while tossing her head side to side to attempt to break the statues grip.

With lightening fast movements, the statue tossed Sophia down to the side and began to swipe at her. It managed to cut through Sophia’s shoulder and she let out a cry when all of a sudden... she was gone.

“What-where did she go?” I said automatically as my eyes scanned the area. A mumbled mixture of useless replies were murmured and I frowned. I had no idea Sophia could disappear like Cameron? Before we knew what was happening the statue began to shake and tremble and holes burst out from the inside.

We all stepped back and wondered what was going on when I realised there was a swarm of small insects buzzing in and out of the statue.

“No way!” Helena gasped.

“What is it?” I asked completely confused what was happening.

“Sophia transformed into a whole army of termites!” I looked back at the statue and saw that Helena was right.

“I had no idea that she could turn into more than one animal?” I exclaimed. I wondered to when she transformed into the tiger and the rhino and wondered why she didn’t change into several of those instead of just the one and shrugged.

I looked back and saw the termites had started marching down the statue and soon Sophia was back to her normal self. “That wood tastes nasty” she declared spitting to the side.

“That was brilliant Sophia!” Ms Avia declared.”Are you able to morph into several animals all the time?”

Sophia shrugged her shoulders and sighed, “I’ve been working on it. I can only do that with animals the size of rats and smaller. I’m working on the bigger animals though... so who knows?”

Bree went next and although I doubted she would’ve been able to do anything to the statue with her wind abilities she did pretty well. She fought the statue with hurricane fast winds that blew other items and equipment at it and while it did a large amount of damage to the rest of the room, the statue stayed intact.

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