40: Nights like Winter Winds

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Aayat's POV:

         "Ammi, this one is so beautiful." I said as I grabbed the maroon sweater from the little pile of sweaters that Ammi (Mahir's mother) had scattered over her bed as she was unboxing winter clothes. I couldn't believe how fast the time was passing as it was winter time already, the October winds chilling the hold city.

          "You like that?" Ammi asked. I smiled cheekily as I replied to her excitedly,

"I love this one! The simplicity of it makes it more beautiful. And the wool, it's just so soft!"

She smiled giddily as she said making me surprised,

"I had woven it myself."

"What?" I said, "Ammi that is just, awesome."

"Can I keep it?" I asked as she looked at me with an examining look and then said,

"Yes, sure."

I quickly unbuttoned it, throwing my arms inside, I wore it like a jacket on my oversized, long t-shirt of black colour and kept it unbuttoned , the warmth quickly engulfing me.

"It looks more beautiful on you." Ammi said as I looked at her for the feedback. I smiled at her reaction.

"Mahir hasn't came yet?" She asked.

"No.." I answered.

"Did he tell you he was going to be late?" Ammi asked.

I shook my head in negative. We barely talk to each other. Why would he tell me. Even if  I make effort sometime, he doesn't really seems to be interested in talking with me.

"Well, you should have done the dinner with us then Aayat.. god knows when he will come back." Ammi said worriedly.

I smiled at her concern as I said,

"It's okay Ammi. I will just wait until few more hours. Till then, I will get Some of my work done."

She smiled sadly at me as I got up to leave,
"Just wait, I will knock some sense into him in the morning. "

"No Ammi.. it's okay he must have got stuck. Aiza Bhabhi too often ended up in this situation."I said.

"Good night Ammi.." I said as I looked at her for the last time, I saw her smile back and then exited the room and went to my room. Then taking my laptop, I decided to go to living room instead so that I will know when he comes back.

             The clock kept ticking, hours passed and it was 1 o'clock in the night when I closed my laptop as my back started aching from constant sitting. My eyes started stinging as I looked at the clock, it was really getting late.

He never is gone for this much time.
Where was he.

I should probably call him. With that thought I tried to find my phone and grabbing it I was about to dial his number when I heard the sound of someone walking in, echoing through the walls.

         Looking up, I found him coming inside, the white coat in his one hand while his hair were pretty disheveled. Upon finding me, I found him taking a halt as he became surprised but then masked it and said,

"Assalam walaikum.. why are you up late?"

"Walaikum salam." I said as he walked towards the staircase .

" I was.. waiting for you."

He swiftly tilted towards me, his grey eyes clashing back on mine as I looked down quickly,

"You didn't had to. "

He replied. Not finding the answer to the thankless behaviour of his, I asked instead,

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