Part 76 - Four walls and a roof

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"Hey! I've just seen Carol and Daryl tear away in some station wagon!" Glen's yells echoed through the silent church. Everyone sat up in synch from their slumber as Glenn burst through the front doors. "What?" I asked sleepily, rubbing my eyes in the process. "I was keeping an eye on then and all of a sudden they got in the car and left!" He yelped, "I'm sure they've got some valid explanation, in sure they'll be back soon." Rick tried to calm the situation down with reassurance, then laid back down beside me. Everyone began to lay back down and continue their sleep before they were interrupted. "R-Rick?" Glen stammered, shuffling on the spot. Rick let out a huff "What's up Glenn?" He answered as he sat back up in frustration. "I saw something else... B-but I couldn't say anything because they were too close. A-and they would have found us" Glenn continued to stammer, but this sounded like a stammer of fear. Rick was wide awake now. "Where did they go?" I managed to clock on who they were talking about. "East... Only like ten minutes from here, they tried the doors of the church but couldn't get in... Gareth said they'd be back to get in tomorrow night..." Glenn sounded half terrified and angry when he said this. "Then we'll be ready for when they do come" Rick replied before laying back down. "Wait that's it?" A booming voice broke the oncoming silence, I knew instantly it was Abraham, even if he tried to have an inside voice, it would still be loud and intimidating. "What do you mean is that it?" Rick replied, his voice more forceful and assertive. "We can't stay here, we barely got away last time Rick, and with the other two gone... This is dangerous" Abraham explained, "They're coming back... We're not going anywhere without them" I retorted, sitting straight up, scanning around the dimly light church to find Abraham's face. " Jess I respect that, but there's a clear threat here to Eugene, and I need to extract his ass before things get any uglier..." He began to stand up form his bed. "so if y'all won't come, good luck to you, we'll go our separate ways." He said, beginning to pack his stuff up. "Wait... So you're leaving on foot?" Sasha chimed in, "We fixed that damn bus ourselves..." Abraham Growled. "There are a lot more of us" Rick threatened. "If you want to keep it that way? You should all come with us"

"Like i said before... We're not going anywhere without our people..." By now I hadn't realized that I was standing up, as was Glenn and Rick. "C'mon Eugene we're gone, let's go" Eugene began to cower on the floor, he was scared of him but I know he didn't want to go, "Now." Abraham growled once again "Do you really think that you're gonna be any safer leaving right now in the middle of the night?" I questioned. "What about after tomorrow? We need each other for this." Glen asked, trying to compromise the the solitary, brick wall that was Abraham. "We need each other to get to DC. We can get through all of it together." He dismissed Glen's proposal and pulled Eugene to his feet. " I have an idea, Abraham. If you stay just one more night and help, I'll go with you to DC no matter what... Okay? Me and Maggie, too." Glen spoke up, I knew he didn't want to go but I knew this was the only way for him to stay the extra night. Abraham shuffled on the spot and let out a sigh, "Come the next morning, we're taillights. I'm not waiting for the other damn shoe to drop...." He said as he dropped his duffle bag and slumped back onto the floor.

Later that evening -------

"They think they're in control... We're in here and they could be anywhere. But we know exactly where they are." Rick explained, fiddling with his gun holster as he fastened it. "We need to make our move before they do... They don't know we're in here so let's keep it that way. Remember what these people are capable of." Rick continued. "Glen, Maggie, Sasha, Abraham and Rosita I want you on me, Tyreese, Michonne... I want you to stay here with Judith, Carl and Jess, keep Gabriel here too" he delighted the jobs between us. "Rick I want to be a part of this too" I retorted. Rick walked towards me and placed his palm upon my cheek. "Please Jess, stay here, keep Judith and Carl safe can you do this for me?" I let out a huff and agreed, there was no point in arguing especially now, I didn't know what was going to happen but I wasn't looking forward to it.

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