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Over the years, humans have found numerous ways to relieve their boredom and one of the most famous industry which broke through amongst others was the entertainment industry. Different shows popped up and many people gained fame through it; but one of the most successful show was reality shows, and the one who crowned it all was The Hunt.

It was a survival show that drew people in because of the daring competition against both humans and animals and most times(if not all the time) because of the sexual tension that develops on the show.
Twenty contestants are chosen and put on the show for a minimum of a  month. Different auditions would be carried out across different countries and rigorous checks would also be put in place to prevent various accidents from happening.

Most times accidents do happen, in which the contestants are made to sign a death clause in their contracts, that excludes the show from any legal action to be taken against them; in case of  such accidents happening.
Most of the viewers do wish for such to happen as it brings such a thrill to the show and they get to vote for their favourite contestant to win the show. The winner is decided through the voting system which couldn't be rigged as it would bring the anger of the viewers upon the show and would bring down the rating of the show.

The death rate of the show is less than 1% as it was voted one of the safest show to be on; which also brings in different people trying their luck to be the winner and win the hearts of the viewers through the show and also hope to get sponsors which could help them in the long run after the show.

We wish the various contestants of this year season good luck and hope they do bring sensation and thrill to the show.
                                   - The Daily news

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