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Pen Your Pride

Rewriting History.

 By Tara Bargon


It was the first day of year twelve and I sat in History class sagged in my seat, staring at the same wall I did last year. It's not that I hated school, it was more that school hated me. The last four years here have been a battle ground, a war zone. Teachers hated me and my friends and I was bored with it all.

I had decided to stay on at school and to grow up a little bit this year. Set myself some rules like for example; no detentions, well I'll aim for less than last year. And no boys, they complicated things and they had the tendency to distract me. Or I distract them, which leads to both of us getting distracted...You get the point.

This year I had a lot of to loose. I had moved away from home and the school had decided to let me move into the school campus as long as my behaviour improved. My room here came with stiff rules and a clear warning from the principal, Mr Went himself ‘Play up Lexi and you’ll be back home before your head stops spinning’.

The bell rung and the rest of the class, including my best friend Josie who was lounging beside me started to pack up. I moved sluggishly, today was one of the longest days at school and I felt exhausted. I was still adjusting to being out of home. I missed the sounds of home. I missed sleeping soundly.

 "Lexi, can you stay in your seat please." The new teacher said from the front of the class room.

Josie looked over at me with a frown. "I'll wait for you outside." She said packing the last of her things and headed for the door.

I sighed as I watched the new teacher who had introduced himself as Mr Williams walk over to me. He flopped into the seat beside me and smiled.  "Hi." He said conversationally.

"Hi." I replied cautiously.

"Lexi, did you know your last teacher had a smartass file?" he asked smiling now.

I shook my head as I looked him over. He seemed young, mid twenties and by the look on his face I say he found the folder amusing.


His smiled widened. "It was like a shrine to you and few others."

I nodded. "Well, that gives a rather toxic impression of me, doesn't it?"

He chuckled. "It surprised me, considering your grades last year were fair.”

I shrugged. Just because I was bored with school didn't mean I was bad at it.

"I thought if I met you personally, you might spare me the bull shit you seem to give your other teachers." He said in the same professional tone. Only his eyes showed the laughter he was containing.

"Are you bribing me with your friendship?" I asked smiling also.

"I expected you to be this horrible ogre type of person, but here you are. Just little ol' you." He laughed.

"What exactly do you want?" I asked getting a little impatient with his one liners.

His eyes focused on mine now as he slid towards me a piece of paper with my name on it.

"What if I offered you extra work to get your grades for this class up where they should be? I looked over your past assignments; I think you were marked rather harshly." He suggested.

I glanced over the paper. "An assignment on any history topic, only six thousand words and you'll mark me fairly?" I had to admit it, he had bait. It always bothered me how unfairly I was marked in the past.

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