Chapter 3: The Great Legend Battle!

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Athena: It is a pleasure to meet you all... But I'm not who you think I am...

Rantaro: We know who you are, You're Lanes sister.

Hyuga: Huh!? Her?! Lanes Sister?!

Hikaru: You're joking right?!

Sisco: Are you serious!? 

Rantaro: Yep... And Shu said Lane left too.. 

Athena: Well rest assured im not like my brother.

Hyuga: Athena!! Me and Hikaru challenge you to a battle!!

Athena: A battle?

Hikaru: Yeah! Maybe it'll take your mind off of things!

Athena: O-ok..

*a beam of blue and purple light engulfs her*

Athena: Adeona...

Adeona: What is our plan?

Athena: Im up against Hikaru and his King Helios first... I do know it alternate between a 10 Blade Defense Mode and a 5 Blade Attack Mode and Hikaru is way more intelligent than Hyuga so I don't know what Im supposed to if he ends up using Defense.

Adeona: We'll figure out something....

*Adeona disappears*

Athena: Lets do this Hikaru!!

Hikaru: Yeah!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!

*Helios takes the center in its 10 Blade Mode*

Athena: *thinks* so he DID use Defense Mode... Damn it... This is bad... I have to do something!!

Hikaru: Bring it!! Dont hold back!!

*Adeona flies into the Speed Cradle and gains a massive boost of speed*

Athena: GOO!!!


*a voice whispered in Athenas ear and she gets pulled into a void which was completely black*

Athena: What is this? Who's there?!

*she heard Lanes voice but it was quiet and almost demonic and visions of Lane began moving across the void*

Athena: Hey what is all this??

*she realizes she was standing in ankle high water and the whispers turn to loud static*

Athena: Stop this.... 

*tears stream from her eyes as she was tortured by the chaos of the void*

~outside the void, Adeona was nailing Helios with attacks as a bright white light emitted from the chip~

Athena: I can't take it anymore!!!! Please stop!!!!!!

*a final vision showed Athena her biggest fear: It was a vision of Lucifer breaking Adeona*

~Athena snaps out of her vision as the battle ends with Helios bursting through Adeona~ 

*Athena falls back but catches herself, and ends up hurting her shoulder*

Athena: *winces in pain* ow...

*Valt walks in*

Valt: Heya guys!! Huh?

*he kneels down next to Athena*

Valt: You must be Athena... I noticed you hurt your shoulder, i know someone who can help you..

*Athena was still shaking*

Valt: Is something wrong?

Athena: I-i had a vision... I saw Lane and Adeona breaking... It was really horrifying!!

Valt: it was only a dream... Cmon *holds out his hand* lets get your shoulder seen about.

*a few hours later*

Rantaro: *on the phone with Shu* and next thing we knew it was just glowing a white light!

*it was silent for a moment*

Rantaro: Shu ya there?

Shu: I.... I didn't know that was possible for anyone else but Lane...

Rantaro: What are you talking about?

Shu: I always noticed Lanes incredible ability to resonate with his bey... But its unlike anything ive ever seen! To think that Athena would be capable of it too!

Rantaro: Are you trying to say that Athena might be corrupted by Lane somehow?

Shu: It's too soon to tell but if it keeps going im leaning towards "Most Likely". Id keep an eye on her...

Rantaro: She also said she experienced visions of Lane.

*it was quiet for a bit*

Rantaro: Shu?

Shu: Was that it?

Rantaro: She heard beys breaking and Lanes voice... She saw her bey breaking at the end and that is what really scared her... But dont worry, Valt is with her right now.

Shu: Beys breaking.. Lane has always had a habit of that... And I'm worried that Athena will pick up that habit too..

Rantaro: She has us with her, we'll let you know if anything happens

Shu: Alright.. Bye Rantaro...

*Shu hangs up*


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