i don't wanna fight, but i won't apologize for doing what's right

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bruh there's this bomb mix on youtube of the room where it happens with i write sins not tragedies and it is so GODLY

online school is a lot better than i thought but i'm kinda scared for what will happen when we start having projects :(

also bloodbending on lok is so graphic and gross, like it was gross on atla but at least it was limited to like one episode. seeing my baby boy sokka again was so beautiful (trust me, when i saw the ponytail/bun hairstyle with water tribe clothes i immediately thought SOKKA) but seeing him in pain and being controlled like that actually made me cry, no lie :(

AND i want to see more content of toph as an adult bc she is beautiful AND WHERE ARE KATARA SUKI AND ZUKO IN THIS SCENARIO?? like yeah, aang and toph are fine and well, sokka is beautiful as an adult but where are the beautiful babies and katara?? i wanna see adult suki and zuko (and mai but i imagine she was pretty straight forward, not much change from her teenage self)

that's it :)) love ya, buh bye!!


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