Chapter 15: I Cry Too

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A part of me wants to leave you alone
A part of me wants for you to come home
A part of me says I'm livin' a lie (and I'm better off without you)
A part of me says to think it through
A part of me says I'm over you
A part of me wants to say good bye
A part of me is asking why

*Phone Rings*

Phone Convo w/ Trey 💘

Trey 💘: Can you come over? I need to talk to you while the kids at school

Me: Yeah, just give me a minute and I'll be there as soon as I can

Trey 💘: Alright Thanks

Me: You're welcome

I hung up and sat my phone on the nightstand and looked in my closet and grabbed my blonde wig and outfit and got dressed and did my hair, kissing August cheek and Autumn's and going to Trey's.

☑️Trey's ☑️

I pulled up and put the code in driving around, My Phone Rung, I ignored it and got out and ringed the doorbell, He came and opened it, I smiled and hugged him, "Hey"

"Hey" he said letting me in, I walked inside and we went into the kitchen, "You want some?" He asked, "No" I said. He nodded and poured him a little Hennessy in a glass and sat on the table facing me.

"I know I hurt you, But I just need to know do you forgive me?" He asked me sipping his Hennessy, I turned my attention back to him and smiled, "Yes, I forgave you when you hurt me."

"Do you still love me?"

"Of course, I still love you."

"I still can't sleep, I barely eat, I just, I miss you so much."

I looked at him than away and started to cry, Trey sat his drink down and pulled me into a hug, I wrapped my arms around him and he kissed my forehead, At this moment my mind was clear from August and I felt safe

"I love you" he whispered in my ears

Just hearing his voice gave me chills, I love him so much, This love is dangerous.

"I love you too."

A part of me wants to leave
But a part of me wants to be here with you
And every time I think that we're over and done
You do something that gets me back lovin' you
And you got me just torn

"Where do I stand without you?" He said

"Trey, Why can't you move on?" I asked him

"Because, I still have guilt from what happened and I really really love you. I can't get you off my mind, Only thing that keeps me from drinking or thinking of you is when I'm with the kids." he said

I sat up still in his arms, I looked at him face to face and said, "Tremaine, I love you. You don't think I hate what happened between us? Because, I do. I cry sometimes to cover up the hurt, but it's not like being with you, I love you but the fact of the matter is I need better, I can't keep hurting a good man because of you"

He looked at me and sipped his Hennessy and kissed my lips, "I want you to be with August, But I want you too. it's complicated, I know he can do you right, I know he can treat you way better than I can. I just want what's best for you."

Torn in between the two
'Cause I really wanna be with you
But something is telling me that I should leave
You alone (leave you alone, leave you alone)

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