First day home

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~skipping car ride to "my new home"

I was still setting in Louis' lap once we pulled up the driveway.

"Ok, Gegebear! Here is your new home." Louis said. Sure this is my new home. Living with five dudes is so totally safe with a nine year old who is weaker than them. This wont be my home... ever! I can image the slap on the face two days from tomorrow.

Louis was still holding me on his waist. One of his hands was supporting my bum and with the other he unlocked and opened the door.

I started squirming, trying to get out of his grip.

"Hey, whats the matter?" Louis asked me, totally concerned. (sarcasm) "I dont want to. Please dont take me. Please dont hurt me." "Why would we hurt you babe? Were not going to. please believe us. We love you." Liam said. How could you love me? You just met me. Who could love me? I hurt myself, get made fun of, and am extremely ugly. I dont know who would want me, nonetheless love me. Thats bullshit. Forgive my language but it is.

"Gege, hey! Snap out if it!" I heard someone say. I cant make out who it is yet cause I just met them today.

"Georgie please, come back to us! Do we need to call a doctor???" I hear someone else ask. I want to come back, I do cause Its scary but, I dont know how. All I see is black. I dont know what is happening.

"Gegebear please, whats wrong???? Wake up wake up wake up please!!!" I hear the person who is holding me shake and bounce me. From what I recall it was Louis who was holding me, so it must be Louis. I try to speak but, nothing happens.

"NIALL, CALL 911 RIGHT NOW HURRY!!! Georgie please dont leave us!!! We love you. I love y-" I hear someone speak one last time and then I go completely blank.


NIALL, CALL 911 RIGHT NOW HURRY!!! Georgie please dont leave us!!! We love you. I love y-" Liam yells. She was setting up but her eyes were shut and her head was just... bobbling. Then two minutes later, she collapsed in Louis's arms. I started to cry thinking we had got her too worked up and killed her. We started screaming to her trying to get to her. Nothing happened. Then I started sobbing. Even though she... uh, something's, Louis more than the rest of us lads, I still believe Im the only one sobbing and screaming.

Niall was screaming on the phone talking to the police, and us lads over here are freaking out!!!

"Georgie babe, everything's gonna be alright but you have to come back to us babe you have to." Zayn said while starting to cry.

"NIALL!!! WHERE IS THE AMBULANCE AT!?!? WE NEED AN AMBULANCE NOW!!! NIALL ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME??!!?!?" Liam yelled at Niall who was a mess and still on the phone. Louis was still holding her and he had his head on her chest and he was crying a lake. Seriously, her shirt is like, soaking wet.

Niall finally got off the phone and said they would be here in five minutes.

"WE DONT HAVE FIVE MINUTES!!! WE NEED ONE NOW!!! Oh baby Im so so sorry. Please come back to us please please please." Louis said raising his tear stained face up and then back down into her chest and repeats the same word 'please' over and over until the ambulance gets here.

He runs over to the ambulance and gets in before any of the doctors can get out. Only two of us could go so me and Louis went since were the only ones that actually know her. Well not technically know her know her but ya know. We hopped in the back of the ambulance and Louis laid Gege down on the stretcher. The docs handled the rest. Me and Louis just sat there still crying and praying to god that she would make it.

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