The missoon

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hey sorry for not uploading, jus came back from fiji! IT was so beautiful, i want to go back and see my family again, i truly miss them, AND 39 reads im soo happy! lol anyway i need at least 44 more reads and atleast 2 comments (for any suggest or what ya think) And just 1 vote not askiong for much ;) ENJOOOY




wont get back to sleep. I went over the shower quarters, took off my pj's and jump into the shower. I let the cold run down my hot skin. It may be early put it's already hot. After the shower I brushed my teeth, brushed my hair and put it into a bun. Put my uniform and made my way to the dinner.


Sarah prov.

The dinner was just a big room were we eat, just table with chairs and a long table with food on it. The food was no 5 stars but it was still very good. Grabbing my plat I made my way to the table, grabbing some bacon, eggs, harsh brown, pancakes some fruit and water. (what I like to eat). I sat down to on the table near the back of the room. There was a few people in the room but I still like to sit by myself.

I was happily eating, not caring that I look like a pig, when I heard a chair screeching on floors. "morning sunshine." Joseph smiling happily at me. Ah every where I go this guy is there. "What do you want?"

"ah some isn't a morning persons" growling to my myself I continued to eat. "The general said he wanted to talk to us when we are done eating" I look at him in shock, why would the general need talk to us? I quickly ate my breakfast and waited for Joseph. He was taking his time to eat his Milo cereal, I took this time to study Joseph. He had  good bone structure, a long face, he was tan but you could it was natural and from not the Iraqi sun. I tried not to look into his ocean eye's, but my eye's would not obey me. Even though he was looking down you could still his eye's. Those ocean eye's, it look his eye's was a ragging ocean. I couldn't pull myself away. Closing my fist till my nails digs into my palm I pulled my eye's away. Calming my self down again I dared to take one more glance at him, his nose was sort of straight, there a little bit of a crock you could he as been a few fist fights. His lips had the most littleness of colour in them, they were so full and SO kiss able. Sarah what are you doing! I mentally slap myself, how could I been checking out a co-worker and thinking sexual thoughs! I will not turn myself into one of those sluts who sleep around with men here, to satisfies there sexual issues! I was such at war with myself for looking at Joseph that way I didnt even notice Joseph calling my name.


"Huh what?" Joseph was sitting there looking at me funny "what are you looking at?" still feeling irritated that I was looking at him "I have finished my breakfast like 2 mintues ago!"

"oh we better go" standing up and going a shade pink. "You really need to do something about that day dreaming of yours" I chose to ignore it and kept walking to the General office with Joseph following behind me.


Me and Joseph we sitting in the general office and I couldnt believe what I was hearing!

"Excuse me may I speak?"


"what you are asking  is me and Joseph and a few other soilders  we choose are gonna go on a secret mission in the Iraq mountains to a high top family and act as severents to see if they are have bombs or nuclear bombs? " I was completely stund! Sure I was one of the best female solider but a MISSION! That was usually left for AFA! I mean this only happens inn movie. Right. I look at Joseph to see if he the same reaction as me, but he look as natural as ever!

"Yes thats right, but you will be going there as a nanny" the general replied

"Im sorry if I out of line but are you CRAZY?!"

"Excuse me? You are the best for the job, and as for Joseph thats what he was trained for mission like these! And you will bit your tongue!" The General said almost yelling at me

"Sorry sir"

"Now you will be leaving in 15 ohours, I think it will be best that you and the crew that you have pick better start packing, you may leave now."

Me and Joseph got and made our way to the door.

"Oh Sarah and Joseph you wont be packing anything we already pack everything, it will be only you and Joseph entering the house, the rest of your crew will based some where eles"

And with that I closed the door behind me, not trusting to speak or I might say something I may regret.


NOW! the it beggins! will joseph and sarah fall for each other, will they both get killed in the mission now who knows ;) just have to wat for the next chapter love ya


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