leah's imprinting

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hey hey people !! .. Hope you like the story so far .. I'm trying to get inspiration but with my heart break its kinda hard but at least I'm trying I guess .. And since I got no comments I think I'm talking to myself but hey who cares right ..


Chapter 6

Leah's PROV

Okay I'm walking to the park. I spent a full 2 hours on getting ready and I'm wearing a black skinny jean with my awesome pink tank top that I never wear, so it feels kind of weird. My hear is straitened by Alice !! Can you believe it. She came up to my house and asked if I needed help and I actually said yes!! So here I am, nervous as hell but I'm just trying to take big breathes. I can feel the pull getting stronger telling me that he is waiting for me. I smiled at myself and spotted him in the middle of the dark park with candles on the corners of the picnic blankets. It looked so romantic!! He looked up, stood up and walked over to me. He looked amazing!! He had dark blue jeans on with a black t-shirt that fit his muscular chest so snugly. He stopped in front of me and gave me a long and passionate kiss on my lips! It was so different from Sam's kisses and it took my breath away. He pulled away and just stared into my eyes and said.

"I wanted to do that since I laid eyes on you, you take my breath away every time you smile, and you make my knees week when you blush" I looked down and blushed a deep red. He chuckled and took my hand and led me to the picnic. He looked at me.

"I hope you like this, I wasn't sure on what you wanted to do on a first date and since Jake said a picnic can't go wrong I di sided I would go for it and I seriously got to stop talking" he looked down at our hands still linked. I just shook my head and replied.

"No its okay I love this and Jake was right, well his always right its quite annoying but I guess that's just Jake" I need to tell him the imprint thing, but how do I tell him without scaring him away, okay Leah just tell him already!

"I have to tell you something and I don't know how you will react so here goes, I'm a werewolf" I closed my eyes and waited for the rejection but all I got was silence. I then felt him lift my chin up.

"Look at me Leah, please" he didn't sound angry so I opened my eyes, he was looking at me with a loving expression and said.

"Yeah I know about werewolf's, Jake told me and don't get made but I'm jakes nephew, and Billy told me everything" I just looked at him with my mouth hanging open. I couldn't believe this! This is way cool!

"Really? That's awesome" he looked at me weirdly and asked.

"Aren't you mad?" I shook my head and smiled hugely at him

"But I have something els to tell you, I imprinted on you" he smiled from ear to ear and kissed me on the lips, I leaned into him, my arms snaked around his neck pulling him close. He moaned and then leaned away smiling.

"Whoa Leah that was amazing, and I'm glade you imprinted on me because I think I'm in love with you" I just smiled at him.

Riaan's PROV

I can't believe Jake didn't tell me Leah was a shape shifter or werewolf's as they call them self's and I can't believe she imprinted on me! I feel this pull towards her and I know it has something to do with the imprinting business. When she kisses me I feel like I'm floating. Wahen she smiles I just fall more deeply in love with her, when she laughs I feel like I can relax. I pull her closer to me and she sighs happily and I asked

"You okay?" She lookes up at me and nods.

"Perfect why?" I just shrug and kissed her softly on the lips and I feel fire spreading through me. I couldn't be more happy than I am now. I just hope it lasts


I hope you guys enjoyed it.. :)

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