No Superman

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What is Superman,

Without Louis Lane.

Spiderman is powerless,

Without Marry-Jayne.

I am no hero.

I am simply me.

But what I can offer you,

Is the best I can be.

You are the girl I love.

This is without a doubt.

You truly know me.

Both inside and out.

Though we may fight.

I wait for you still.

I know we are meant to be.

Our hearts are more than real.

All the bad you've done,

I have looked away from.

Just to be with you.

So my heart can once again hum.

But like Batman,

I am charged with crimes I didn't commit.

My only crime was loving you.

With this I do admit.

Yet held behind these bars,

I find myself far from you.

When we were together.

We were an unstoppable two.

But just like Spiderman.

My weakness is a girl.

For I am nothing without you.

Because you are my world.

Without you with me.

I am powerless.

But I have an undying love for you.

And this I do confess.

I will travel the world.

Rot in hell in pain.

I am a withered knight of roses.

I am the Arkain.

You are my dark divine.

With a beauty like no other.

This heart is only for you.

And is for no other.

No matter how dark the deed.

I will look past it all.

Just to have you back in my arms.

Without you I will fall.

I wish you could see.

The truth in my words.

And stop locking me out.

And forget about what you have heard.

I and a lover,

But for you I will fight.

From endless day,

To sleepless night.

I don't care what they think.

I don't care what they say.

But I care about you.