No Superman

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What is Superman,

Without Louis Lane.

Spiderman is powerless,

Without Marry-Jayne.

I am no hero.

I am simply me.

But what I can offer you,

Is the best I can be.

You are the girl I love.

This is without a doubt.

You truly know me.

Both inside and out.

Though we may fight.

I wait for you still.

I know we are meant to be.

Our hearts are more than real.

All the bad you've done,

I have looked away from.

Just to be with you.

So my heart can once again hum.

But like Batman,

I am charged with crimes I didn't commit.

My only crime was loving you.

With this I do admit.

Yet held behind these bars,

I find myself far from you.

When we were together.

We were an unstoppable two.

But just like Spiderman.

My weakness is a girl.

For I am nothing without you.

Because you are my world.

Without you with me.

I am powerless.

But I have an undying love for you.

And this I do confess.

I will travel the world.

Rot in hell in pain.

I am a withered knight of roses.

I am the Arkain.

You are my dark divine.

With a beauty like no other.

This heart is only for you.

And is for no other.

No matter how dark the deed.

I will look past it all.

Just to have you back in my arms.

Without you I will fall.

I wish you could see.

The truth in my words.

And stop locking me out.

And forget about what you have heard.

I and a lover,

But for you I will fight.

From endless day,

To sleepless night.

I don't care what they think.

I don't care what they say.

But I care about you.

In every single way.

Stop and think.

About all we have been through.

Can you not see,

That my love is true?

Like the Greenlanterns ring,

Gives him power you know.

You are the power to this words.

My inspiration that glows.

Superman can fly,

And go through the sky.

My love too has wings.

It lives where your heart lies.

Like Spiderman scenes,

Can detect when there is danger.

My heart can tell,

When you are sad and is pain there.

I am far from perfect.

Without you I am incomplete.

But knowing deep down.

With you my heart is complete.

I guess I am like these heroes,

In some distant way.

But only you can be my hero,

To come in and save the day.

They all know,

You are my only weakness.

Only with you I have power,

Only with you I can defeat this.

Like Thor's magic hammer,

Sent from above.

You are my strength.

You are my love.

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