Little Pitchers...

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Little eyes and little ears

Learn much more than we know

About the family's inner works

Some wish would never show

The way we walk, the way we talk

The secrets we don't share

The way we speak of other folks

Can often be laid bare

The public face we each put on

As we step out our door

Is often not the same as when

We're bare foot on the floor

At birth a human baby's brain

Has program tracks untested

Data bytes begin to fill

As answers are requested

The richest source of data found

Is right there in the home

A lot of random access files

Are filled before they roam

Because they're small, adults forget

Young ears can hear just great

Osmotic pressure drinks the words

Of love as well as hate

It's like as not, those words come out

At time least opportune

And Murphy's sure to set it up

To make your great aunt swoon

A saying from my dusty past

I have not heard in years

Be mindful what you say at home

"Lil pitchers have big ears"

Richard Higley © Nov 2012

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