Chapter 21: Skating Around the question.

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Astrid's arms wrapped around Hiccup's waist as they soared through the sky. With every passing moment, Hiccup's heart rate quickened. As they grew closer to the cove, sweat beaded on his brow and his stomach felt queasy. Every moment he thought about proposing, his breath got a little more shallow. He sighed and wiped his brow with the back of his sleeve.

Astrid clutched to Hiccup's flight suit. "Something wrong babe?" She asked.

Hiccup shook his head and turned back to her. "You just take my breath away, milady."

She blushed, giving her boyfriend a little chuckle before he turned forward. They began to descend once the cove came into sight.

"Close your eyes." Hiccup said.

"But..." Astrid protested.

"No buts." Hiccup said and handed her a piece of cloth.

She tied it around her eyes and then replaced her hands on Hiccup's waist. Toothless dove down into the sunset lit crevasse, landing with a hop and shaking his head. Hiccup hoped down and took in his masterpiece. He smiled while helping Astrid dismount Toothless.

"Stay here." He commanded.

Astrid smiled and folded her hands together. "As you wish."

With his flint and dagger, Hiccup walked around and lit all of the candles. He had lined the frozen lake, the outer edge and the blanket with them. They flickered silently, casting shadows on the flowers that alternated with the candles on their trails. Hiccup bit his lip and walked back over to his girlfriend.

"Okay, now you may come." He said, grabbing her hands and pulling her forward.

She couldn't help but giggle, trying to figure out what he was doing, but what he was really doing never came to thought. Toothless quietly wandered over to a dark corner in the cove, wanting to give them privacy and be able to watch at the same time.

The couple stood by the blanket and Hiccup untied the cloth, letting it fall to the ground.

She gasped. "Hiccup it's beautiful."

She twirled around, taking it all in. Tears of joy threatened to fall, but she held them back.

She turned back to Hiccup. "You did this for me?"

He nodded. Astrid pouted her lip, then came over and pressed her lips to his. At first, her hands gripped his face, pulling it closer, but then she relaxed and moved her hands down and around Hiccups neck, pulling their torsos close. Hiccup melded into the kiss, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her body to his. His fingers formed into soft claws and ran up and down her back with the movement of their lips, which was mimicked by their bodies as well.

Astrid pulled away, gasping for breath. Hiccup was gasping as well when he pulled her down onto the blanket. He laid on his back, one leg propped up, while Astrid straddled his middle and pulled his face back to hers. Hiccups hands gripped the side of his girlfriends face. They savored the taste of each others lips, both tugging on them slightly with their teeth.

Once again, they pulled away for breath. Astrid's chest heaved heavily while she still straddled her boyfriend with her forehead plastered to his. They stared into each others eyes.

Hiccup took his hand and cupped Astrid's cheek, taking his thumb and stroking right under her eye.

"You're so beautiful my Valkyrie." He whispered.

"You're so handsome my love." She whispered back.

Hiccup blinked, still looking into her eyes.

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