Chapter 3

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✷ chapter 3 ✷

✷ Natalie

"Just sit right there until I get back okay?" I instructed Chris as I made my way upstairs.

I decided to give Chris a chance and let him take me out for the day.

I shouldn't have given him the chance but I didn't want to be mean.

Once I walked into my room I saw my sister laying down on my bed.

"What are you doing in here?" I questioned her opening my small closet.

She jumped up from the bed while giving me a look. "I wanna know what you were doing talking to Chris Brown." She said with her arms crossed.

I rolled my eyes. "He asked me to go out with him." I explained throwing around clothes that I could possibly wear.

She opened her mouth wide before glaring at me. "You going out with him?! He's my fucking age! If anyone should be going out with him it should be me!" She snapped throwing the pair of pants I had in my hand on the floor.

I sighed. "Look Amanda I know you have a crush on him and all but he's into me not you." I said picking up the pair of pants angrily.

Amanda was a huge Chris Brown lover and had always been "in love" with him.

"Whatever!" She groaned before stomping her feet and leaving my room but not before slamming my door.

"Bitch." I mumbled returning back to my clothes.

I quickly put a outfit together not wanting to keep Chris down there forever.

I decided to wear my half leopard half black dress with my all black heels. I don't really like to wear dresses but since Chris wore a suit I decided to dress fancy. I'm more of a tomboy anyways.

I just left my hair curly. I put on a little eyeliner , some eyeshadow , and kept my lips the way they were.

After I grabbed my phone and purse I headed downstairs to Chris.

I rolled my eyes as I saw Amanda sitting on Chris lap. He looked so uncomfortable and he looked like he wanted to push her off of his lap.

I clear my throat making them turn their attention to me.

Chris quickly stood up pushing Amanda off his lap making me crack a smile.

"Natalie , you look beautiful babygirl." He complimented me while walking over to me standing by the door.

I blushed a little bit. "Thank you Chris , you don't look too bad yourself." I said as I looked him up and down.

He did look mighty yummy in his all black suit.

He nodded before grabbing my hand. "We should go." He said looking me in the eyes.

I nodded my head too. "Yeah let's go."

"Bye Chris." Amanda said while sending him a wink and hitting her lips.

I gave her a look of disgust before leaving out the door with Chris.

We walked to the car and I was a little surprised to see him open the car door for me.

"Thank you." I said getting into the seat.

"Your welcome beautiful." He replied back with a smile making me smile back at him.

He closed my door and then ran over to his side of the car.

He quickly got in and started the car. He pulled off with his song "Sterotype, playing.

I swayed in my seat as the main chorus played in the song.

He smiled as he looked at me and then he started singing along with the song.

Just hearing him sing his song made me wet all over. He voice was sexy and unlike any voice I ever heard.

That's one thing I admire about him his music.

He grabbed my hand and interlocked our fingers.

I couldn't pull back because it felt right.

After tonight I think I'll fall even more for Chris but I can't , I just can't.


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