Loud halls and broken walls

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The halls didn't seem as bad today when Alfred was with gilbert. The other spoke loudly while laughing at his own jokes, causing Alfred to crack a small. Weak smile from time to time or let out some air through his nose. Gilbert seemed satisfied with those reactions for now as they arrived. Francis and Arthur were waiting in front of the classroom for Alfred. Said boy began hiding behind Gilbert. He gripped Gilbert's shirt tightly and tried to hide his face. Alfred seemed completely terrified of them.

Francis was about to greet Gilbert with a smile when he caught a glimpse of Alfred. The frenchman made a face,

"Ah, mon ami," he began and gave gilbert an awkward smile, "you have a pic attached to your back." Francis said as Arthur snorted. Gilbert frowned to hear them say that. He glanced back at a now depressed and self conscious Alfred, seeming to get mad,

"Shut the hell up Francis." He pulled Alfred close and shoved him out of the way as he walked in "go suck off mathews dick elsewhere." He growled at him. Francis knee what happened to lovino, so the fact that he pushed someone else to a point like that was absolutely despicable because he knew it was wrong. Alfred seemed sad yet again. That small state of reprieve and relaxation had all but disappeared and Alfred seemed on the edge again. He let out a sigh,

"Hey, Alfred, I won't let them bully you like that, okay?" He said "what they're doing is wrong and you don't deserve any of it." Gilbert said but Alfred shook his head,

"But I do..." he hiccuped "it's my fault for being such a disgusting waste of space...why couldn't you just let me go." He said "it would've been better for-" Gilbert suddenly smacked him,

"Don't you dare fucking say that people would have been happier if you killed yourself." He growled out angrily. Alfred held his cheek, eyes wide as he stared up at gilbert. "Because I almost lost one of my closest friends because of suicide. He thought the same fucking way as you, and it pisses me off because you do have people who care about you asshole. I, for one, would be sad if you did because now you're my friend. I'm sure the others in the newspaper club would be sad too. So fuck Francis and Arthur, I'll kick their ass next time they say something like..." he glanced at Alfred who was now crying as he held his cheek "fuck-why are you crying? I didn't mean to hit you that hard! Shit I'm-"

"It's not that.." Alfred cut him off "no one has told me I'd be missed if I died before...." Alfred hiccuped "I haven't...and I haven't had a friend in so long..." he hiccuped as he sobbed loudly. Eventually the teacher dismissed gilbert and alfred to the nurses office until the other managed to calm Alfred down. It was nice having friends. Alfred hoped they wouldn't leave this time

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