Author's Note

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This is very important, so I ask that you don't skip just this little bit or you might get a little confused.

First of all, this version of the story is heavily unedited and I really haven't looked over it too much, so there are some abrupt transitions and pieces of dialogue that may seem awkward. However, I would love to hear any advice or things that you may have noticed about my writing because I take it all into account.

Second of all, THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT. This book is actually written backwards and forwards at the same time. As you may notice, the Prologue and small tidbits at the end of each chapter seem disjointed because those are farther into the future. The beginning of each chapter will work chronologically forward until you reach the climax (which is also the prologue) while the small bits at the end will work backward until you reach the scene of the inciting action. The story will make more sense as you go along and everything will finally click at the end.

Third of all, small things like the name of the ceremony in the democracy and the way the fence is constructed have changed. For instance, the fence should be thought of as the Berlin Wall (everything in my story relates to things I have noticed in society) because the fence separates multiple societies. In the first draft that I published, it is described as just wires, but in the final drafts that I am working on, it is closer to the Berlin Wall. I pointed out those two examples just to demonstrate that quite a bit has changed, although the premise is still the same.

If there is something you don't like, I would love to hear about it because I am still making changes and want to know what readers would like to see!

I am sorry if this message comes across as a bit confusing, but I just wanted to write this quickly to ensure that it is out there before more people start reading it!

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