Chapter 46

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Hey guys! This is the last chapter of the book before the Epilogue! Not sure how I felt while I was writing it but I hope you enjoy reading it! Xx Alana

Chapter 46

I can feel Officer Williams steady, intrusive gaze from across the table as I continue to stare down at my hands. I can hear an overhead clock ticking noisily compared to the silence consuming the rest of the interrogation room.

"Miss O'Donnell?"

I almost jump in my seat at the sound of the chief officer's voice. I snap myself out of my trance.


"What do you think caused your friend to have this seizure?" he asks me, pen hovering over the pad of paper in his hand.

"I dunno," I reply, gripping the arms of the metal chair tightly.

The cop sighs, shifting in his chair across from me and jotting a quick note down. Now is probably a good time to tell him that I want a lawyer present before I answer any of his questions. Yet, at the same time I feel that I might as well tell him the truth.

I won't say where Daniel and I got the cocaine, I'll just tell him that Daniel did a few lines of it in our motel room and that I had no knowledge of where he got the drugs to begin with. That explanation seems reasonable enough.

But then another thought crosses my mind. Possession is possession, no matter if you were the one who got the drugs or not. Would I still be charged if I told the officer I didn't actually buy the drugs nor did I actually do them?

"Well, I guess this concludes the questioning since you are clearly unwilling to talk," Officer Trent says with a slight edge to his tone of voice.

"Wait!" I finally speak, "There's something you should know."

"Oh?" The officer asks, turning around to face me again. He leans forward across the table, giving me an intent stare. I try not to let it bother me.

"I didn't buy the drugs. I didn't do them either."

He raises an eyebrow. "But what about your friend? We found two grams of cocaine on the bedside table. You're saying that wasn't yours?"

"Yes," I reply shakily, "I had no idea that was even in there. That is...until..."

"Until what?" The officer presses.

"Until..." With my heart hammering furiously against my chest, I have full knowledge that what I am about to say could change everything. And by everything I mean Daniel's fate. If he's even still alive.

"I saw Daniel take the vial out and...I watched him do three lines of cocaine. I think that's what caused him to have a seizure."

Officer Williams folds his hands together and nods like he's expecting me to go on. But that's all I have to say. That's all I need to say. The damage is done.

"So can you tell me where he got the cocaine? From whom?"

I shake my head no.

"And Miss O'Donnell, was this the first time you've seen Daniel doing illegal drugs? Have you ever done them yourself? With him?"

In that moment, I wish I could smack the officer across the face because of how irritating and overwhelming all his questions were to me. I obviously can't do this though, so I just lean back in my seat and say, "How is that relevant?"

His eyes darken from across the table and in that moment I'm hit with a wave of intense regret. Did I really just sass the chief of police? I shift my eyes back down to my lap and wait for what he's going to say or ask next.

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