Chapter 14

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'You are both so vial!' My dad laughed. I should have known.

'Please, just leave us alone.' I mumbled, leaning into Phil's chest as if to hide from the horrible man.

'No, what would the fun be in that,' he laughed, Phil sighed under me, and pulled himself up and away from me. 'I came here to finish what I started; I thought I made that perfectly clear.'

'What?' Phil stood up.

'I came to make sure you too aren't together, its sick.'

'What you going to do about it, I am married to him, because I love him, and guess what... I have had sex with him, I did before we got married. We probably did it in your house at least once!' Phil screamed.

'You are disgusting!' He ran at Phil, pushing him onto the floor, Phil's head only cm's from a lit candle. I ran over and blew it out.


'What would be the fun in that, stupid boy?'


'Oh, and Dan.' My dad smirked.


'I have a surprise.'

Before I could respond, a familiar face appeared from the bushes, my mum.

'You said you where ok with me and Phil?'

'I kind of lied, it's really gross.'

'Please, leave us alone, you never have to see me or Phil again, we will go to a different part of the country, we won't even go to the same town as you.'

'Like that will work, sleep tight.' My mum smiled, then she pulled a gun, shooting us both in the arm. It was filled with something that put us to sleep, as we both fell to the floor almost instantly, drifting into a deep sleep.

- - -

'Wake up please!' Phil screamed, his was shaking my body violently.

I opened my eyes to see Phil hovering above me.

'Oh my god, I wasn't sure if they shot you with the same thing as they did with me.' Phil rested his head on my shoulder.

'Where are we?' I sat up and looked around, we where in some kind of barn, clearly not far from the camp as the windows outside revealed trees surrounding us.

'Phil I'm so sorry.' I mumbled. Cupping his cheek, shocked when he pushed my hand away.

'Understand this Dan, I love you, so much. But I cannot go through all this every fucking week.'

'I know, but we can run away to a different country or something?'

'We shouldn't have to be on the run, just because your parents don't agree with us being married and together.'

'Then what are you saying?'

'I just can't deal with this- anymore.' Phil muttered, looking down.

'So- you want to break up?' My heart was on the verge of breaking in to a thousand pieces.

'Since you cant decide, I will, lets break up, bye.' I stood up and walked to the other side of the barn, I then started banging on the wall.'

'Dad, Guess what! You win, Phil wants nothing to do with me, so free him and you can do what the fuck you want with me, because I really don't give a fuck anymore!'

'Dan- I.' Dan walked over to me, as the barn opened, my dad was smiling, clearly over joyed.

'Follow me Daniel.' He cackled.

'Whatever.' I began walking with him he led me to a car, I looked back to see Phil on the floor head to the ground.

'Bye Phil, I love you.' I whispered.

I was going to be dead in a few hours anyway, even if I had to do it myself.

A/N- I decided on posting what I have written so far, since you saw my last update. The next chapter will be the final one, I really want to finish it tonight, but I am making no promises, enjoy, and sorry. (This is also the final Summer Camp book, I will make that clear now).

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