Life, Whiskey, Irony

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Oh hai! This is came out later than I thought it would and I apologise. I understand there are a few rough edges, and with my limited skill I don't think there's a lot I can do about that... But other than that here you go! 



Life was weird, he thought as the hot brunette sat across from him, Firewhiskey in hand. Tie loose, shirt unbuttoned, coy smile tugging at full lips.

If Draco was completely honest with himself, he had absolutely no idea why this gorgeous green eyed man was currently exchanging flirtatious banter with him, him. He was even more so confused when this gorgeous brunette was the one and only Harry Potter. Harry Fucking Potter! He was messing with him, surely. And Draco was playing right into is hands.

Life is cruel.

The messy hair, the almost impossibly green eyes and the smell of firewhiskey and sexual tension had Draco dizzy and (embarrassingly) giggly. (Yes giggly!)

Yep, life was cruel, it is confirmed. Being reduced to sounding like a teenage girl is proof enough.


                                                       *Some time and half a bottle of firewhiskey later*

 Draco had no idea how they ended up groping against a wall of a hallway that undoubtedly lead to the hotty's room.

In hindsight, while recalling the previous events of the night before: Draco came to the revelation, while wearing only the others mans tie in bed, that he had been completely and stupidly ignorant to what everyone else saw as inevitable.

Even with his previous, well known status as his now lover's ex-arch nemesis.

Life was weird and cruel, he thought.

 "And most definitely ironic." He whispered, grinning against the sleeping man's neck.


I thought it was kinda cute, but make of it what you will :)

I thanks tumblr for the prompt. Love tumbr. 

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