Chapter 4

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Note this chapter had talks of abuse along with a panic attack. If you can not handle that please leave. You have been warned.

"Alright, the little girl will be coming as well." The medic said before the doors to the ambulance were shut.

In the end Hinata had to have multiple surgeries but came out alive. It was a hard 14 hours of surgery that felt more like 14 years to the people who rescued him.

Hinata and Natsu moved in with the Tsukishima's. It was hard even looking at the house for Hinata so the Tsukishima's basically adopted the two. Hinata sold the old house and was allowed all of his dad's money so he had a few million yen from that alone not even counting the money he gets for skating.

He planned on saving it for his, Kei's, Tadashi's and Natsu's college degrees.

The plans of saving his soulmate originally never needed to happen and now Hinata and Tsukishima are a happy couple.

Tsukishima had meet Hinata's skater family and not surprisingly Tsuksihima and Yuri got along well with there snarky comments hiding there softness.

Hinata was helping Kei learn how to skate so one day they might be able to compete together in a couples competition.

Hinata was doing better now that he wasn't always in pain so his season was looking better and brighter then ever.

Downside to all of this was the mental issues Hinata was having...

Hinata had many panic attacks, CPTSD, Flashbacks that range from Visual, Somatic, and Emotional, and nightmares. Tsukishima was with him every step of the way. The team found out they were soulmates when Hinata started having a panic attack during practice when Kageyama started yelling at him.


Hinata started feeling fear again, that fear of someone going to hit you. He started having flashbacks of his father yelling at him before hitting him, he started hyperventilating and rocking back and forth in a ball on the ground.

Hinata kept seeing him yelling, cussing him out like Kageyama did. The feelings of hands hitting him crept onto Hinata.

"Shit Tadashi!" Tsukishima yelled, Tadashi, having seen multiple of Hinata's attacks, quickly had everyone back up.

"HINATA!" Tanaka yelled out trying to push Tadashi away. He was soon followed by the rest of the team besides Asahi.

"STOP! Hinata's having a panic attack kinda, anyways you need to back up! Hinata's been through something extremely traumatic so please back up!"

"T-try ho-holding him, it-it's wh-what wor-rks f-f-for me," Asahi said, trying to help.

"What do you mean traumatic!" A worried mother crow asked.

"I-i can't say," Tadashi mumbled out.

"What do you mean panic attack kinda?" This time it was a worried Dadchi.

"I'll let Hinata explain," Tadashi yelled, after everyone stopped crowding, he went to Hinata's bag and grabbed a hoodie and weighted blanket.

"Kei, we're going to need to take his shirt off, I have the hoodie and blanket here." Tadashi yelled, running to his best friend.

Kei grabbed Hinata's arms and put them over his head. Tadashi grabbed the bottom of the shirt and lifted it uo, revealing the abuse marks, the rape marks, the bruises, glass cuts, and a few whip marks.

They heard a few gasps before Kei and Tadashi put the hoodie on quicker, not wanting the team to see his body that much. Tadashi signaled for Yachi to come help, who did.

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