Chapter 3

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Note this chapter will be graphic, this story holds rape and abuse. If you are uncomfortable with this topic then please don't read. You have been warned

Natsu ran into the house with the two teens behind her, Kei's mother was waiting outside for the police. Natsu unlocked the door and the boys were met with a very graphic sight that would give serial killers nightmares.

Hinata was seen being choked on the floor, his face slightly blue, while his father was whipping him with his other hand. His father also had his dick inside Hinata's ass and pounding into him. Hinata's whole body was exposed seeing blood dripping from his back while tears were down his face. Hinata arms were tied to the wall.

"You're a useless little slut you bitch," the man said before whipping Hinata with his whip. Hinata cried out in pain before being whipped again. "I said BE QUIET!" The man took his hand off Hinata's neck and moved it to his hip to pound harder into the boy.

Natsu grabbed a bottle and aimed it at her father. "Oh it's my other useless toy. I bet a vigin would feel better then this slut. Come here Natsu~" The man sang out. He hasn't seen the two teens yet, luckly.

"Natsu," Hinata choked out before being whipped again, this time he couldn't hold back the scream. "I told you to run. Go to Yuri, please Onii~Chan will be okay," Hinata said, his eyes half lidded. You could tell he was slowly dying from the blood loss.

"Onii~Chan!" Natsu yelled, their father pulled his dick out of Hinata before slowly walking over to Natsu.

Hinata tried getting up before being whipped again, "Down you fucking mutt," Hinata couldn't move and soon collapsed from the pain and blood lose. The man left the whip on the floor next to the dying boy before stalking over to Natsu.

"ONII~CHAN!!!" Natsu screamed out, Kei quickly grabbed the whip the man dropped and hit the man on the head with it successfully knocking him out.

Kei ran over to Hinata and picked the boy up, "Wh- who are you?" Hinata asked in a shaky and soft voice.

"It's Tsukishima, shh calm down your safe now," Tsukishima whispered, cradling the boy to his chest and wiping his tears.

"Sorry you have to see me like this," Hinata apologized.

"Why are you apologizing? You did nothing wrong, hell you lived for what 16 years under an abusive father who's been raping you for almost 10 years now?"

"How do you know that?" Hinata asked, his voice wavering tears still coming out of his eyes.

"I'm your soulmate," Tsukishima said, rolling up his hoodies sleeve to show similar bruises to the boy in his arms.

"Sorry about the scars and marks," Hinata yet again apologized. Hinata started to shiver so Tsukishima took his blue dino hoodie off and slipped it on Hinata. "I feel sweepy," Hinata mumbled his eyelids growing heavy. Hinata nuzzled into Tsukishima for warmth, despite the oversized hoodie on him.

"The police are almost here, calm down and stay awake okay."

"I'll try. How's Natsu?"

"She's with Tadashi. Are you okay?"

"Mmh as long as Natsu's okay, i'm okay."

"Your a good brother you know. Natsu on the way here couldn't stop talking about you."

"Really what did she say?"

"How you used to play a bunch of sports, how your an ice skater. Don't worry me and Tadashi will keep it a secret. She said how you would take her punishments to keep her safe. How you did Piano and how much she loves you."

"Thank you," Hinata's eyelids were closing for longer periods of time, Tsukishima heard sirens coming and knew they were close.

"Hinata stay with me alright. Hey stay with me and I'll teach you how to block better in Volleyball."

"I already know how to block, I act like a dummy but it's a mask. I was originally supposed to be in your class at school but asked the principal otherwise."

"Really why didn't you?"

"People in middle school bullied me for being a nerd and smart. They also bullied me for being a sports prodigy."

"What do you mean sports prodigy?" Tsukishima saw an ambulance and many police cars pull up. His mother and Tadashi started talking to the police about what happened.

"I've always done sports by...myself or with my two friends back in... middle school, Koji and Izumi. Koji was on the soccer team while Koji was on the basketball's so I would help... out at games and be..... subbed... in more than the others in the club so.... kids in the school spread rumors...... about me." Hinata said, his voice slowing down and eyes getting heavier.

"I was top of my class.... in both...grades...and sports. The boys...bullied me for that... and my feminine...features. The girls...bullied me for being a nerd... and too girly...... and gay like. And even... the teachers made fun of... my height ...and dreams."

Tsukishima picked up the half naked boy and brought him to the stretcher where the medics were rushing towards them. "He has major blood loss right now, he has bleeding whip marks on his black aswell as rape marks and rope marks on his arms." Tsukishima told the medics.

"Can you stay in the vehicle with him? We need someone familiar so he doesn't have a panic attack."

"Of course, I'm his soulmate so you could use me for unknown injuries you can't see because of blood or something."

"Alright, the little girl will be coming as well." The medic said before the doors to the ambulance were shut.

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