Chapter 2

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Note this story talks about abuse and rape. This chapter will be very graphic so I am warning you if you can't handle this topic please leave.

"Thank you Tsukki!"


The conversation was soon ended by the doorbell ringing.


Hinata Shoyo, a boy who looked nothing like his mother and father. His mother had cheated on Hinata's father and he was the cause of that accident. His father started to abuse his mother and himself when he was born.

His mother was Asian with long silky black hair and dark brown almost black eyes while his father was American, his blonde hair and blue eyes. On the other hand Hinata had light brown sunny eyes and flaming orange hair.

Hinata took up many activists to get rid of the abuse, soccer, basketball, baseball, student council, and now Ice Skating alongside Volleyball.

Hinata was a professional Ice Skater with his coaches Yuuri Nikiforov and Vikter Nikiforov. His best friend was Yuri Plisetsky, a blonde with anger issues, a bit tsundere and salty.

Hinata's coaches knew of the abuse, they knew of the whip marks on his back and the rape marks littering his thighs. They had called the police once but never had enough proof, minus the fact Hinata was covered in abuse marks. They claimed that the marks could also have been from his soulmate plus Hinata's father had people working for the police.

It sucks how Hinata's father had connections to both the police and the Yakuza. He was also a wealthy businessman and politician who could pay his way out of Jail and it was like buying a candy bar.

Those three always felt so useless to the ginger. Hinata always told them he was used to the pain which made them even more worried.

Hinata's mother got pregnant again when he was 9, Hinata's mother was raped by his own father. His sister was born on October 12th, the same day his mother died of childbirth.

Hinata's sister, Natsu, ended up with orange hair as well but had brown eyes, like their mother. Her hair had blonde highlights as well giving it a lighter orange color. You already knew his mother cheated, again.

Hinata now protects Natsu. He takes her beatings, makes her stay at the Ice Rink till he picks her up. Not that she complains because she loves Yuri, Vikter and Yuuri.

Yuri see's the small girl as his and Otabeks own daughter. Yuri's been teaching her Ice Skating and she's pretty good for a 7 year old. She can successfully do a single axle backwards and is working on a double one.

Hinata is about to make his Senior Debut at the same competition Yuri made his, The Grand Prix Final.

Hinata had always been over protective of Natsu. He didn't want her or her soulmate to live through the same pain he has.

"We don't want your pretty skin or your soulmates pretty skin getting bruises right?" Hinata once told Natsu.

"But what about you?"

"I've had bruises since birth, not much we can do." Hinata replied sadly. Natsu had made it her mission to find her brother's soulmate, her brother was in pain and needed that person.

Ever since that day Natsu has watched people, see their skin and the marks on their body. She eliminates adults and young kids her age or younger. She also eliminates teens with flawless skin or once with barely any marks. On the other hand she's introduced people to their soulmates before.

Natsu saw a boy on her brother's team, he was blonde with glasses but what struck out the most was the fact he had a bruise on his arm once, the same place her brother had one.

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