Chapter 1

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Note this story talks about abuse and rape. If you are uncomfortable with this topic then don't read the story.

Kei Tsukishima was born with a bruise on his leg, a bruise he had because his soulmate had.

Over the years the bruises would get worse, soon burns and tear marks would appear on his body. Kei tried never to get hurt, not like his soulmate would be able to tell from the bruises littering his body.

Kei had scars from what looked to be broken glass bottles, cigarette burns, and belt marks. Kei's mom found what looked to be whip marks on his back before as well.

rape marks appeared on his skin when Kei turned 10, his mother knew his soulmate got abused and would check Kei's skin daily. Kei's mother had called the cops multiple times trying to find the poor kid.

Tadashi was the only one who knew about his soulmates injuries, about the rape marks that appeared every Wednesday or how on October 12th the marks were worst.

Kei was now starting high school, Karasuno High School to be exact. Kei's glad for one thing, his soulmates never cut before. Never self inflicted injuries. He wished his soulmate would never have to go through this torture.

Kei found a boy who, like him, wore long sleeves and sweats during volleyball practice. Always refused to change infront of others.

His name was...Hinata Shoyo. Now Kei at first though nothing of it, before he remembered a quote his mother always told him.

"The prettiest smiles hides the most secrets, The prettiest eyes have shed the most tears and the kindest hearts have felt the mist pain."

Kei's had his suspicions and has been watching Hinata closely, how he flinches ever so slightly at physical contact, how he cowers into himself when Kageyama yells at him.

Kei always tries to help him, making salty comments at the king to stop him yelling at Hinata, snickering at the second year duos before they hug or touch Hinata.

Tadashi noticed Kei doing this for Hinata and made the realization pretty quickly, now Tadashi also watched Hinata closely and every night on their walk home they discuss their information they gathered that day.

Here brings us to the present, Kei and Tadashi in Kei's room with Kei's mom talking about what they've gathered. They were in Kei's room with Kei and Tadashi sitting on the bed while his mom sat in the desk chair facing the teens.

Kei had his shirt off while his mother inspected the newest marks, whip marks kept apearing as well as rape marks.

"That poor kid," His mother said.

"We think we found out who it is," Tadashi started

"Mom, we're not 100% certain but I'm getting a close suspension. The marks are coming on me later at night then normal. Plus Hinata never wants to go home, he may act like it's because of Volleyball but it's not just that." Kei explained, sliding the notebook the two teens have been taking notes in.

"Okay, I'm going to install a secret camera in your glasses Kei and Tadashi any place I can on you?"

"Oh um I could wear glasses, say my soulmate got something in their eye and it's been sensitive to light or something.."

"That could work! Brillant! Okay let me get started, Kei let me see your glasses and sports glasses and Tadashi I got some sports sunglasses along with normal sunglasses you can borrow for this!"

"Okay let me contact Yachi and tell her to wear sunglasses all day..." Tadashi mumbled, his soulmate was Yachi. Yachi knew a bit of what was going on with Kei and his soulmate so when they have plans she knows why.

"Go ahead Yams," Kei said, changing his clothes, he was now wearing a blue dinosaur hoodie with a white shirt underneath and blue jeans. Kei went back to his bed before he started leaning against the wall and cuddling a dino plushie.

"Hey Yachi..." the conversation was soon muffled out with Kei thoughts taking over.

'The shorty being my soulmate, his happiness and sunshine smile. Wait, that all would be a mask. Hinata probably would have harsh depression. Not even that but probably PTSD and Trauma. That would make sense if Hinata can't study at home that he's failing.

If he is failing I could see if he wants to come over to study. Maybe October 11th, the day before the abuse is at its worst and have him spend the night. Speaking of abuse he's most likely getting bullied at school. The marks appear in the middle of the passing period.'

Kei was broken out of his thoughts by Tadashi shaking him.

"Sorry Yams, what did Yachi say?"

"She's agreed to it. We made a plan that Yachi's going to have a concussion so I have to wear sunglasses because the light hurts my head!" Tadashi explained.

"So Yachi's staying at home?"

"No she actually got a concussion and is at the hospital," Tadashi said sarcastically. Kei rolled his eyes at his best friend before they started doing homework together.

"No Tadashi, b doesn't mean 10, it's 9. See in the problem 6 = 3(b - 7) you want to figure out what times 3 equals 6. That would be 2 so what minus 7 gets you to two?"

"Thank you Tsukki!"


The conversation was soon ended by the doorbell ringing.

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