Chapter 6

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"Great, just great." Buddar grumbled. "First I go from getting a concussion, to waking up in prison, and now I'm stuck with you."

"Oh, come on. I'm not that bad!" Link said as they walked out of Castle Town. "Besides, staying with me is probably way better than being stuck in prison."

"I doubt it." Buddar muttered.

"You'll have to excuse Buddar," Lyra said. "She can be a bit... grumpy."

"Aw, come on, Buddar! Cheer up!" Navi said. "Link's actually pretty cool, once you get to know him!"

Buddar didn't reply. Link suddenly swept Buddar off of her feet. "Hey!" Buddar said. "Put me down!"

Link ignored her and set her down on his horse, Epona. He got on and sat in front of her. "Hold on." He said, flicking the reins.

Epona neighed and took off. Buddar was nearly thrown off, she instinctively wrapped her arms around Link's torso and hung on for dear life as the horse shot through the field. They soon left the field and traveled through the forest until they came to a hut in the woods. "We're here." Link said.

Buddar glanced up at the hut, it was quite small, but it was quite inviting. She glanced down and realized that she had been clinging to Link the entire time. She quickly let go and hopped off. Link smiled at her and got off as well. He tied Epona to a small post outside the hut so she wouldn't run off, then led Buddar inside and showed her around his home. It only had one room, and a bunk bed. Link glanced out the window just as the sun disappeared below the horizon. "It's getting late," He said. "We should probably get some sleep, you can have the top bunk."

Buddar nodded and climbed the ladder to the top bunk. She took off her cap and hung it on the corner of the bedpost. Lyra slipped into the cap. "Goodnight, Buddar." She chirped sleepily.

"Goodnight, Lyra." Buddar said. She lay down on the soft bed, it was way more comfortable than the cobblestone streets.

"Goodnight, Buddar." She heard Link say from the bottom bunk.

"Goodnight, Link." She mumbled. She closed her eyes, but she didn't necessarily fall asleep. She waited until she heard Link's breathing slow, indicating that he was asleep. Then she sat up and gently lifted her cap off the bedpost.

"Hey, Lyra." She whispered under her breath. "Wake up, we're getting out of here."


As the two slept, they were unaware of something watching them from the window. Their red eyes gleamed with curiosity when they spotted Buddar sleeping on the top bunk. Looks like the Night Trickster was finally caught. They thought. That's too bad, I'll miss watching her mess around with people. It was quite entertai-

They stopped mid-thought as Buddar sat up and grabbed her yellow cap. She whispered something to her fairy, who woke up instantly, then slipped her cap on with the fairy still inside. She then snuck over to the door, and slipped outside without making a sound.

The figure at the window grinned. It appears that I have underestimated her. They thought, then they disappeared into the forest.

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