Chapter V: Friday Night

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The week passed in a blur but somehow Lance found himself stuck on that Monday afternoon, arguing and teasing Andrea.

Putting his arm around her as they walk the short distance from the entrance of the cafe to his car...

Her sweet yet earthly scent, filing the small space between them inside his car...

Seeming to lose his concentration from the task at hand, a concentration that was never there, he checked his desk clock and made a little exaltation dance in his mind as he saw that the time was pretty acceptable for leaving. Packing his belongings that might be needed for the weekend, his phone rang.

"Hey, man," came the voice of his bestfriend, Simon, greeting him like they are only in their twenties.

"Hey, Simon," he greeted back.

"Ready for tonight?" asked Simon.

"Tonight?" Lance frowned and checked his planner and there it was, scheduled for the night, a friday night drinking session with Simon.

"Oh, slipped my mind,"

"Did you make plans for tonight?" asked Simon, a hint of childish jealousy obvious.

"Oh for Christ's sake, my supposedly plan for tonight was eat, watch and sleep. I'm so happy you called,"

"That's great. So the usual, my treat, no girls,"

"Sure, say seven?"

"You got it, man,"

"Ok," and then Lance hung up.

Lance pocketed his phone and grabbed his leather bag before walking out of his office.

"Sir, you've got these on pending," Bianca called, halting him from his walk to the elevators. He turned around and made his way to Bianca's desk, right beside his door.

"Leaving early, sir?" purred his blonde secretary, Bianca, as she lean a bit closer to him as he sign some quick approvals.

Training his eyes on the papers, knowing that if he move it anywhere else, his eyes will see Bianca's provocative cleavage shown by her thin white blouse with the first three buttons open. He finished signing in silence, becoming aware of Bianca flirting, and straightened up quickly.

"Yes, I'm leaving early. And please, Bianca, wear your blouse appropriately," he said, casting a quick glance at her chest.

He turned around, only catching the first signs of blush explode on her cheeks and walked away like he did not just see a woman's cleavage. Lance would have gladly flirted back if it was any other day, or week, but given his new found confusion in life, he cannot muster enough willpower to get himself bedded.


After an hour of lounging around his loft, Lance changed to a dark gray v-neck long sleeves and jeans and made his way to Mix's Cocktail Bar, His and Simon's favorite bar ever since he turned twenty-one, it was where Simon brought him the day he can legally drink.

Lance spotted Simon chatting with Mikhail, the bartender, and walked towards them.

"Give me whatever he's drinking," Lance said as he sat down beside Simon.

"Aye, aye," said Mikhail in a thick Russian accent the same time Simon said, "Hello,"

"Hello, too," Lance beamed at Simon, "How's life?"

Simon adjusted his eyeglasses, "Same old, you?"

"Same here," answered Lance.

His drink came and in just one swallow, he downed the twenty-year old scotch realizing how much he had need it as the liquid burn its way to his stomach, giving him the weird comforting feeling that everything is all right.

After Lance nod for another one, Simon spoke again.

"I can't believe Andrea's graduating next week,"

"If you did not get excited with your daughter's intelligence, then she shouldn't be graduating next week," Lance pointed out, remembering the time Simon and Pam decided on letting Andrea skip 3rd and 5th grade because of her 4.0s.

"Well, you can blame me with that but at least she enjoyed it," Simon countered, making Lance remember the mirth in Andrea's eyes as she received the news that she will be able to skip 4th grade.

"Okay, okay. So I can't blame you with her early graduation. I also can't blame you for your fast aging, considering the fact that we both are aging the same pace, only you are older. And I can't think of anything else to blame you with, so what can I blame you?" asked Lance.

Simon watched him with glee in his eyes, "Here we go again with my mindless blabberrer best man, Lance Gallagher," he said.

"Allright I accept I'm the mindless blabber half, but at least it is so much better than the hopeless romantic half," Lance countered.

"At least the hopeless romantic have a wife..."

"Well, yeah. You are the type to settle down, while I am... not the type to settle down," Lance said, ending his little speech with the answer sounding so unsure coming from his mouth. Is he really not the type to settle down?

"Well, you are nearly 39, you should settle down any time soon or you'll not be able to see your grandchildren, better yet children, grow up," said Simon, downing another shot.

Lance rolled his eyes, "Oh, please, Simon," was all he can say because somewhere, not far too deep, is a someone who longs for a partner in life and of course, some bunch of offsprings. He quickly downed another shot of the same scotch he took and felt the same feeling it gave him earlier.

"Can we do a little prospecting tonight for you?" Simon asked, out of nowhere as they both finished their fourth drink.

"I thought there will be no girls," Lance said, restating what Simon said before he even say he'll come.

"By girls, I mean Pam and Andrea," Simon pointed out.

"You should have just said No Pamela or Andrea," Lance deadpanned.

"Well I like the term girls better,"

"Well your unique specifications can get people confuse,"

"Then confuse they become, I don't care,"

Lance, for what he think was the thirtieth time, rolled his eyes in exasperation. Simon was the kid of person wo cares about what people thinks of him. He's so self-concious that hearing such words coming out of his mouth is downright ironic.

"So no prospecting tonight?" asked Simon as Lance continued on his silent state.

Lance nodded, "Maybe next time,"

Simon gasped a little too exaggerated, making Lance look at him in full, "What? You're acting a bit too melodramatic for your age," Lance said.

"Well, I've never heard you say 'maybe next time' to some prospecting. Really Lance, what has gotten into you?" asked Simon, shock coloring his face.

Lance smirked, "I don't know," he shrugged, not yet ready to admit to his bestfriend the current confusion he was in.


My friends, this is only a filler chapter before my dear protagonist, Andrea graduate.... :))))

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