Chapter 2

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So we were holding hands running through a meadow of sunflowers when he turned around and leaned in and kissed me. Then I woke up :)
You see, my life isn't a fantasy .-. I don't get all the guys. I'm not popular. I have a crush but... He'll never feel the same way about me... About us... -scratches one of those music disk thingies- but I don't care lmfao I wouldn't want to be popular if I was held at gun point 😂 I think it's just a stupid way of making friends and pointing out everyone's flaws. I don't really get noticed by all the hotties that I have a crush on because they're all busy drooling over some girl's fake ass.

So that was the day, second, maybe third year of high school. I got invited to a real high school party. Not the one that people invite you to on the first year either (pizza hut, sleepover, etc.) No. This was the real deal, the bomb diggidy. Oh and my crush was going, too. It was at a guy named Sam's house. I put on a floral romper and tan sandals and as soon as I walked in, my crush (aka one of my close friends) was the first person I noticed. But then I noticed everything else and all the people snorting lines of coke with dollar bills and people making out on the living room floor ._. Carter (my crush) walked up to me and I walked out. I told him I was sorry sarcastically and how I don't drink and make out on pool tables and living room floors and skinny dip. I said it in a whisper yell so no one heard. Before I could finish rambling he kissed me and I fell backwards. Right on the concrete. Embarrassing? Yes. Romantic? Ehhhh.....

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