Chapter 14: Do this ring mean anything?

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I couldn't stop thinking about Trey and how he was so hard in his feelings last night, He actually scared me so much that I had to wait until he fell asleep before I got home which was around 2 in the morning. Maliyah told me the good news but the same time being a mother and knowing what I know I told her she should wait on marriage because marriage changes things, Especially when you're young and don't really know what's out there, You can destroy eachother with marriage. Trust me, I know.

August hadn't spoken to me all morning, Guess he's still mad about last night. But, he just gotta understand, Trey and I was best friends before we dated, got married or even had kids together, That's why it's so hard for me to get over it, it's like I'm loosing a friend a very close friend. I don't feel like August is mad about me seeing Trey to much, He's mad about the fact I lied and you know what they say if we don't have trust? We have nothing.


"Aug, please talk to me." Maya said

"Maya, I ain't got none to say."

"You acting like I cheated on you."

"Well you was there until 3 in the morning."

"I didn't cheat on you, August." I said

"Maya please don't lie to me. Don't." he begged

"We kissed and that was it."

"Maya!!! Do that ring mean shit to you?"

"Yes that's why I stopped it before shit went to far, August please."

"Come here" I said

She sat on my lap and I held her hand and kissed her lips, "I just don't wanna loose you Maya, I been waiting to long for you and I try every single day to make things right, when you get mad at me I don't wanna loose you so I hurry and make things right, I love you. I don't wanna argue with you, I don't wanna cheat on you I don't wanna hurt you, I wanna be the man you deserve to be with."

She looked and me and smiled, we kissed

"You know Maliyahs engaged right?"

"Oh that's cool!"

"Yeah but, Ion think she should rush into it." she said

I kissed her shoulder and wrapped my arms around her, "What you mean?"

"Marriage, she should get to know him more before she jump into marriage with him. I just don't want her hurt like I was hurt"

"Babe, Maliyahs a big girl she knows how to handle herself. I'm sure she knows what she's getting into."

"I hope so"

"Mama! daddy!" Autumn said

"Now what is she still doing up?"

" Don't know" I said

"Can I sleep in here?"

"Yeah come on" I said

She walked over to my side and I picked her up and laid her in front of Maya



(a/n in case you wondering where's April? She's with Vanessa)

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