Introducing Gavin and Other Friends

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I finally got to the bus stop, it wasn't here yet do I scoped out the other kids that were already here. Everybody had already gone off into their own little cliques and being the new kid, I just was kind of off to the side. But their was one kid that caught my eye, he wasn't alone he had a little group of friends but their was just something about him. He had dark brown hair with the ends dyed a lighter brown, and hazel eyes with green flecks. He was wearing what looked like a gray LA LIVE long-sleeved shirt, dark blue jeans, and Converses. He also had something that really caught my eye, he had an eyebrow piercing, a lip ring, and black plugs (Yes it's pretty much the cover minus the tattoos). "His name's Gavin." I jumped a little, surprised someone was talking to me. "Sorry?" I turned around, and saw two other girls one of them had light brown curly hair with red tips and very tan skin. The other was shorter, had black wavy hair with the tips dyed dark purple and as I looked closer had a purple tint to her eyes. "I'm Emma and this is Bella," she said pointing to her friend who waved "hi." I smiled "Emily," I said "so that's his name, the one with the eyebrow piercing?" She nodded a the bus pulled up, "and as you can tell he's a bad boy and he's got quite a reputation I recommend you stay away." I nod, followed them onto the bus and paused unsure if where to go. They looked at me "you can come and sit with us if you want." I nodded and sat down next to Emma. " So," Bella asked " I take it you're new here?" I nodded " Just moved here from California," she nodded " sounds cool, oh and just one other thing you have to worry about the weather here isn't exactly 80 degree winters you know." " Yeah don't worry I can take it I'm sure," "Alright just warning you don't want to have our new friend freeze to death, when winter comes." I smiled at that comment, she seems like a good friend and she seems to care about me. they went off into their own conversation as I looked out the window. I was just about to pull out my earbuds, when Emma nudged me we're here I sighed grabbing my stuff. I walked off the bus with them, and quickly asked "hey do you guys know where the main office is? I need to pick up my schedule." Emma nodded,"yeah we'll walk you," "alright" I said not wanting to have to go in alone. Just as we were about to walk inside, I looked at Gavin again and caught him staring at me and our eyes locked for a couple seconds. Then he quickly looked away, and I started to blush this is going to be a VERY interesting day. "Emily!" I looked up no they were already at the door! "Coming!" As I quickly ran to catch up to them and then slowly walked through the doors.

Hello again people, it's Blake 😄 here is the second part of my new fanfic. What should Emily expect from here new school? And what do you think Gavin thinks of her? As I have said before PLEASE leave me some feedback on how you think it going so far, is it to slow or what PLEASE TELL ME and I'll see what I can do.

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