100% Perfect Ch.13

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100% Perfect Ch.13

**Poppy's POV

I walked into the cheap hotel room, smelling the delicious aroma of cigarettes. I gagged.

"Wow, didn't know they could be THIS cheap." I said. No, really. Twenty bucks a night for a hotel run down by drug dealers and Mexicans was okay I guess, but couldn't they have the courtesy to hire a maid? A spider crawled up the wall, and Stephanie screamed. Gordon acted all heroic and smashed it, then held Stephanie in his arms.

"It was JUST a spider..." I thought.

"I can hear you." Bailey said back.

"What?" Stephanie said, flipping her head around. Her red hair whipped itself into Gordon's mouth. He spat it out, then jokingly started to sing "Whip My Hair". Stephanie giggled, then playfully swatted him. He instinctively fought back, and soon they were in this hysterically funny play fight on the ground. Bailey and I just kind of stood there awkwardly. 

"No! No! Don't tickle me!" Stephanie squeeled.

"I'm the tickle monster! I must tickle!" Gordon laughed, stabbing Stephanie in the stomach.

I looked at Bailey.

"I have NO idea..." Bailey said telepathically.

"Umm...I'm gonna go pee..." I said, then dropped my bag on the floor and stepped OVER Gordon and Stephanie.

Mold was growing on the shower walls, along as the inside of the toilet. I put the seat down, only to find a package of what looked like pot taped to it. Written on the bag in black sharpie was "Complimentary". Excellent, a cheap moldy hotel that can afford to give out free bags of marijuana. Please tell me in San Francisco they teach children to avoid drugs. I walked over to the sink (also very dirty) and looked into the mirror. My chocolatey brown eyes stared right back at me. Bailey, with her contacts in, looked nearly identical to me. I pulled my ponytail out of it's scrunchie, a Geico commercial now playing in the background. Dark brown hair cascaded down my shoulders, and I combed through it with my fingers, putting it back into the ponytail. Then, I washed my face and left the bathroom.

"Anybody want some-" I started to say, before realizing no one was in the room. "Um, guys, where are you?" I said. No answer. "Come on, this isn't funny." I listened for Bailey's thoughts. Nothing. I started to rampage around the room, tearing it apart. All before I noticed the blood spatter on the T.V screen, now playing some Spanish drama. My stomach dropped.


"How much you want?" A black guy was pulling out his wallet for the bathroom Marijuana. What? If I was going to go find them, I need cash, no matter how illegal it is. Technically, I'm not human, so it isn't REALLY illegal for me.

"How much do you got?" I said, trying to sound as 'ghetto' as I could. Not really working out so well. My mind started to wander to the blood spatter. but I shoved it away. Focus on the money. The guy pulled out a couple hundreds. 

"How many are there?" I said.

"Fifteen." He said. Apparently I misjudged a couple.

"Deal." I said. Apparently the hotel can't afford a made, but can give out fifteen hundred dollars in drugs out per stay? What else do they own? A pot farm? The guy handed over the money and I gave him the drugs. Not exactly the thing I'm the most proud of, but guess what? Me has people to save.

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