Chapter 62: City of Fleeting Clouds

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This will be the last update for a while as I need to focus on rewriting Not Good first and migrating the stories to Scribble  Hub. I will also edit this story to accommodate the next part of the novel.

Idk if it's obvious enough but after entering Huo Ai, Qiaoli's life will have a massive change. Hence, the start of a new arc. I want to polish the other chapters first so I can achieve the effect I want.

Apologies if I can't update for a long while. Don't worry, it'll be worth it and I don't have plans of dropping this at all. I've invested way too much tears, snot, anxiety and sleepless nights for this. So thank you for the support!

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Far from the scene of blissful realization and heartache, two people rode on their horses, seeming to rush somewhere.

"Master, is that the person you're looking for?" Surong asked as they were descending the Su Mountains.

In the distance, they saw a red-haired woman conversing with a man in armor.

She sensed her master's sight fixated on one of the two people in front. But it looked like this was a scene of two lovers' rendezvous. This was further proven when they saw the girl tiptoeing to kiss the man.

Her master's horse softly neighed. They were still far from the pair.

"Let's go visit the sacred beasts. We need their help."

"Master?" Surong was puzzled.

"Other matters can wait."

Surong watched her master's back. Her master had been frail since the day he lost his title. But he forced himself to travel nonstop even if she tried to persuade him otherwise. What happened now?

She took once last glance at the pair below, sensing that the reason for her master's urgency was right before their eyes. Knowing Qin Yu, once he saw what he wanted to see, he wouldn't care for anything else.

Was it that girl?

Surong felt that she would soon have the answers. Just a little bit more.


"Is Brother back yet?" Qiaoli asked as soon as she got back to the grand carriage that served as her shelter these past few days.

Si Hai narrowed his eyes at her. "They brought back six heads of wolves. He said that after they cleaned up, we'd set out again."

He pretended not to see her swollen eyes.

"You finished your business with that Mao guy?"

Qiaoli only nodded and smiled. The fox felt chills. That smile was off. Something suspicious must have happened but he didn't ask, sauntering elsewhere as he saw the Duke approaching.

"Are you okay?" was what Huang Li Yun asked the moment he came near.

Yemin had already told him the gist of what happened. When he saw her sister staring off into the distance, the direction seemed to be the capital of Han.

In the middle of the woods, only Duke Li's retinue remained. The unit of Imperial Guards had gone back to Hanjing.

"Brother, remember what I told you?" Qiaoli muttered under her breath.

The Duke's eyes flashed. She said a lot of things to him so he didn't know which one.

She linked her arm with her brother's in a rare scene of intimacy. "I wasn't a human once then I learned that I am. To be able to feel love, pain, fear and grief is considered a blessing. But I never thought recognizing them can be this agonizing. Happy yet bittersweet, heartrending yet excruciating. Human emotions are so complex. And to think I thought of playing with humans' feelings before."

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