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I just got home and mom told me to tell August that she was with me if he called. Which he hadn't so...Im good, I wonder why though, I ain't even gone wonder why.

I looked on the kitchen counter and seen this bouquet of flowers. I smiled and read the card

"Hey beautiful,
Thought I should give you some special for always holding a nigga down. You're the most beautiful woman in the life and I love you. 💘

I smiled and felt arms wrap around my waist, I turned around and kissed Ernesto's lips

"Thanks baby, they are so sweet."

"You welcome." he said kissing my neck

"Look closer though" he said

I looked closer and there was that fake rose that the top opens and a ring be inside, I grabbed it and opened it and there it was the most beautiful ring ever

"OMG!! I love you"

"I love you too. *Gets down on his knees* Will you marry me?"

I smiled and nodded.

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